(First Evidence In Over A Year Showing FBI Still On Trail of Rudolph)



Linda Wolfe and Neal Horsley



(Christian Gallery News Service, March 10, 2003)  Brenda Phillips, the 44 year old registered nurse accused of shooting on two different occasions into an Asheville, NC abortion business and making bomb threats to two other abortion businesses in Alabama, in an exclusive report to the Christian Gallery News Service, stated, “The day of my arrest I was quickly connected to Eric Rudolph by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).  They constantly hound me for information which I haven’t and won’t give them…the FBI thinks I have assisted him [Eric Rudolph] after he became a fugitive and that I know where he is.”


This is the first clear evidence proving even though Eric Rudolph has disappeared from the news articles in this nation he still remains on the FBI national manhunt radar screen.

The FBI partially validated Brenda Phillips story.  The Asheville Citizen Times reported that Rick Schwein, FBI supervisory special agent in Asheville, would not comment on the specifics of this case but said, "Generally, anytime there's an act of violence directed at an abortion clinic, we're going to look for ties to organizations or other individuals who advocate the use of violence."

Other Federal agents have declined to comment on the Phillips case.

Under federal law, it is illegal to damage the property or a facility of an abortion clinic. North Caroline State law does not have specific provisions protecting the facilities.

A federal indictment filed last month alleges Phillips also threatened to damage the Fem Care building "by use of an explosive" less than a month before the shooting incident.

She is also charged with making a similar threat to damage the New Woman All Women Health Clinic in Birmingham, Ala.

Both clinics have been the target of violence in the past.

An off-duty police officer was killed and a nurse badly injured when a bomb exploded at the Birmingham clinic in 1998. Federal authorities later charged Eric Rudolph, who was living in Cherokee County, NC, near Asheville with the bombing.

In 1999, police found a partially exploded bomb outside the Asheville clinic.

Brenda Phillips stated that the FBI is using the idea that she is an accomplice to Eric Rudolph to turn her family against her.  She said, “…. this [the idea that she assisted Eric Rudolph] they played up to my family which helped turn my family against me.”  She continued, “Did God not say our own families would turn against us?  In this case my own family was greatly assisted by the FBI in turning against me…”


Brenda Phillips says she is receiving threats from the authorities because she will not cooperate in their investigation of Eric Rudolph. She said, “The FBI believes I have some info that they want and since I have not given it to them they are playing rough.”  She explained, “The FBI has threatened to send me to a federal prison as far from my family as they can get me.”  She concluded, “Although they, the FBI, continue dirty tricks, I remain steadfast.  I will plead not guilty and I will keep abortion in the public eye.”


Brenda Phillips wants to get her story out to the public in hopes that people will quit having abortions.  She said, “I must get my story out because I believe it is part of God’s purpose for me…I want to get the story out so some good can come of it… Already there is one person in the neighborhood who wants the clinic out of there… I am going to plead not guilty to buy myself a trial, a trial I am hoping will keep the horrors of abortion in the public eye.


Brenda Phillips admitted shooting into the abortion business.  She said, “In 1995, my eyes opened to horrors of abortion.  I spent time in prayer and gave what money I could to crisis pregnancy centers but I came to realize that was not enough.  What I did was totally out of character.  I shot the fem care building when I was absolutely sure it was empty and there were no innocent passersby.  My intention was to do enough damage that the staff would take notice of it and perhaps then at least one staff member would say, that’s enough, I quit.  I don’t believe that happened.  At least I heard that no one quit.  But I believe God is using my actions in other ways.”


She explained what happened at the abortion business, “This same clinic was the one in 1999 that had bombs that didn’t explode.  Only one exploded, otherwise it would have shut it down.  Due to my inexperience with a shotgun it necessitated two trips on the same night to do damage to the building.  Then, due to my naivety, I called and turned myself in. I took responsibility for my actions but now the federal government has me on a loophole with some crime of violence with a weapon in which the first attack on their protected abortion clinic earned me a mandatory minimum of ten years and the second attack earned me a mandatory minimum of 25 years.  So I’m facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 35 years in fed prison plus what they can get me with under FACE (Federal Access to Clinic Entrance) laws plus I made telephone bomb threats…to the New Woman and the All Woman abortion clinic Birmingham, Al.”


She concluded, “In all, a federal grand jury just handed down an indictment on six charges today… I fully expect them to deny my bail and bond so I will be here a long time after that.”


Brenda Phillips’ attorney has asked the court for a psychological evaluation for her, so she will probably be soon sent to a federal psychological evaluation center like the one at Butner, NC.


Brenda Phillips is not repentant about what she did.  In everything Brenda Phillips said it is clear that she does not think she did anything wrong when she shot up the building and issued bomb threats trying to deter people from committing abortion.  She said, “… all I got from my friends and family was that God would forgive me if I asked his forgiveness.”  Then she stated: “For shooting an abortion clinic?!”


Brenda Phillips confesses to being a Christian.  She said, “You asked if I am a believer in Jesus. Yes I am. I believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit: The Trinity.  I was 31 when I was baptized so I’m still learning the word of God.”


But Brenda Phillips is nonetheless oppressed by her situation and needs help.  She said, “So please write and pass on that I need letters of encouragement and prayers.”  She continued, “…a few nights ago, I gave up my will and gave my will to God. My will was to tell the FBI anything they wanted and to sign the immunity agreement [she implied that the FBI offered her immunity in return for helping apprehend Eric Rudolph].  When I gave up my will a peace I’ve never known came upon me. It’s such a peace that my own attorney thinks I don’t have a grip on the gravity of the situation.  God gave me that peace but there have been times when Satan has tried to take it away and I have to struggle.  So you see how important it is that I receive encouragement from you.”


Anyone may write her at:


Brenda Kay Phillips
593 Spauding Road
Marion NC 28752

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