People Who Play God


Neal Horsley



People who find themselves in possession of the responsibility for government have always been tempted to play God with a capital G.  Recorded history amplifies my point:  Pharaoh took upon himself the mantle of the most High God.  Ceasar did the same, simply giving God a different name.  Moving forward in history, the historic doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings codified the idea that the King was the living voice of God on earth endowed with the Right to speak into being the law of God on earth.  And finally, in the USA, we the people were granted responsibility for government.  One constant can be seen: anyone who was in control of government was tempted to play God.

We should not be surprised that people responsible for government are tempted to play God.  Government is defined in the Bible as a ministry of God (Romans 13).  Those who are given responsibility by God to implement His Will on earth are always one decision away from usurping God's authority and playing like their will is the same as the Will of God.  In fact, what it means to "play God" is to substitute the will of a person for the Will of the One, True God.

Oops, we've got a problem here.  What about the people who do not believe there is One, True God?

By definition, they can never "play" God because the decision to deny the Will of the One, True God logically means there is no Will above the will of the individual.  To such people, the will of the unbeliever is exactly equivalent in Rights and Authority with any other will in the universe.  The unbelievers, a legend in their own mind, become God.  Like Atlas with the world on his shoulders, it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

To amplify this point, take the example set by Carol Martin, a newspaper columnist for the Carroll County, Ga. Times-Georgian, my local paper.  She wrote an article published on May 19, 2002 entitled "A Difficult Choice."

Those who read much will immediately suspect that "choice" is synonymous with abortion, and their suspicions would be correct. Martin never comes right out and says it but she does everything that words can do to make it easier for people to make the decision to abort babies in Carroll County.

Talk about playing God.

Here is how she does it.  Martin decries the presence of what she calls "children of children."  She says, "Week after week, a third of the births are to single mothers….I do not believe it is right for children to have children…"

Notice that her focus is not on whether or not it is right for children to have sexual intercourse or right for children to be abused or raped, activities that occur prior to the moment when a child is conceived.  Aside from pedophiles and NAMBLA members, we the people agree that children should not engage in or be exposed to behavior that leads to pregnancy. Her focus is on whether it is right for "children to have children" after the child has been conceived.  Carol Martin believes she has the right to stand in judgment of whether a baby that is conceived to a "child" should be born.

Do you see the problem there?

Carol Martin acts like there is no God out there whose Will was the actual agent in the decision to conceive that child; One who, because His choice was prior and because His authority was superior, overruled any words or questions or suggestions raised by we the people.  Even if she said she believes in such a God, her actions belie such words.

According to historic Christian monotheism, it is the choice of God that determines whether a child is conceived or not.  Now there is no doubt that such a choice was sometimes a difficult choice, sometimes from a human point of view an utterly baffling choice, but to historic Christian monotheism it was always clearly a choice made by the One, True God, a choice, that no matter how difficult, we the people who claim to believe in the One, True God were absolutely obligated to honor and obey by providing to that person conceived by God all the rights and privileges granted to any one among us.

Today though, all this has changed.  The "choice" that is discussed is one that we the people are to make--as Carol Martin says, a "Difficult Choice," with no mention whatsoever about the choice made by God.

            I have been amazed at how many people read my article and conclude as one read said, “…he indirectly justifies rape and abuse as ‘God’s Will’…The concept that God wills young girls to be abused and raped is sickening.”

             I am doing everything words can do to say that God in no way and at no time has ever been the author of an evil act.  The Bible makes clear from Genesis to Revelation that sin is the result of rebellion against the Will of God.  So rape or child abuse was never “God’s Will.”  The Bible makes clear that all that is required for evil to rule the earth uninterrupted is for God to remove His grace and turn people loose to be ruled by the god of this world, the devil, who uses the weakness of the flesh to tempt people to sin.  Without the Presence of the Holy Spirit of God to protect them, people just naturally sin, sin so grievously that historians wear themselves out cataloguing its effects.  And throughout history, wags and mockers have taken those facts and twisted them in an attempt to make God Himself look like the author of evil; but such mockers of God lie and will receive the punishment their lies so richly deserve.

              So to make certain there is no misunderstanding, the total focus of this article is whether or not God and the Will of God can be seen to be the Creator of a child, even when the seed of that child was deposited during a sinful episode of rape of abuse.  This focus cannot be belabored or overdrawn because this particular subject has the power to allow you to learn how to separate those who believe in the God revealed in Holy Scripture from idolaters who occupy the pews in Christian Churches but in fact worship a god different from the One revealed in Holy Scripture.

              I have been confronted by people you think are Christian leaders, people who go to Church every Sunday and occupy the pulpits and deacon boards and Presbyteries of this nation, and those people will quickly tell you that God would have no part in the conception of a child during the act of rape of child abuse…or in the case of racists, in the act of sexual relationships between a black person and a white person.

             Think about the god those people reveal they believe in!  Their god is not directly involved in the conception of each and every human being.  The logic of their theology is clear: to them, human beings are conceived in some kind of process that does not require the Will of God to be the immediate and necessary Creator cause.

             Is this the God revealed in Holy Scripture?  Does the God of the Bible allow any human being to be conceived by any other agent on earth or any other process on earth other than His immediate and decretive Will?

             If so, then you must admit that Jesus Christ, who was conceived and born of a woman, was conceived not in direct action of the Will of God, but by some other process.  If you claim to be a Christian, yet do not know that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the direct action of the Will of God, you are in grave danger of being found to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Perhaps you say Jesus Christ was not a human being like you and I so, therefore, His conception process was different from yours or mine.  Careful now, fire from heaven has historically fallen on such people.

             But of course that was back in the old days when people not only mouthed self-serving words about God but also actually acted like they believed in the One, True God revealed in Holy Scripture.  We the people are past all that now…aren't we?


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