Our Pledge of Allegiance Is A Lie



Neal Horsley


(Christian Gallery News Service, June 30, 2002) A Newsweek poll released on June 29, 2002 found that, "Nearly nine in 10 Americans believe the phrase "under God" should remain in the Pledge of Allegiance, and most believe it is acceptable for the government to promote religious expression, as long as no specific religion is mentioned…"

Why anyone would want to recite a pledge that is patently untrue, much less teach his or her children to do so is totally beyond me. 

The United States is no more a nation "under God" with a capital G than the sun is under ground.  The only god the United States of America is under is what the Bible calls "the god of this world;" and that god is the devil, old slewfoot, properly known as Satan him God-damned self.

If you don't believe this nation is not only not under God but in direct and clearly defined rebellion against Him, read any of the legal opinions issued by the Supreme Court of the USA that addressed the subject of God with a capital G.  For over two decades it has been literally illegal in the USA to do anything in any government sponsored institution that would logically prove you are acting as if this nation is subject to the God who said "let there be light" or the God who wiped out the earth in forty days and forty nights and started all over again.  Such a capital G God has been banished from the United States of America by myriad Supreme Court decisions designed to prove the government of the USA is "neutral" on theological matters.

If the theologians I studied under at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia are correct in their reading of Scripture, neutrality regarding the God of the Bible is exactly the same as direct rebellion against Him and carries the penalty of eternal damnation to those who persist in such damnable "neutrality."

It's bad enough that we the people must be enslaved to this revolutionary regime that has overthrown the duly sanctioned government of the United States of America and replaced it with a God damned plutocracy of nine black-robed usurpers, but to have our children daily stand up and recite a pledge that obfuscates the present reality by pretending what has already happened has not happened is just too much for this man of God to tolerate.

The fact that you hear a near unanimous clamor from the pulpits and pews of this nation demanding that our children be allowed to repeat a Pledge of Allegiance that is patently and demonstrably untrue might be the best evidence you're likely to ever get that the Spirit of Truth has been quenched in the churches because the pulpits and pews of this nation are no longer occupied by men of God with a capital G.

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Hunger focuses the mind wonderfully.

Such ideas have been a companion of mine since I was recently abruptly terminated from my profession because of my work in trying to abolish legalized abortion in the USA. While mental focus is normally a helpful thing, hunger focuses the mind on…well, food…or money--which, as we all know, is the functional equivalent of food.

Such a focus is no problem for the people in this world whose god is their belly to begin with. But for a follower of Jesus Christ like me, it poses a problem. Where do we find the time and means to serve the Lord Jesus Christ when the flesh is wrestling with all its power to focus on bread…er, money?

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