This is what God's Child Looks Like Before the Baby Butchers Begin Their Deadly Business

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Please notice...I mean, Really NOTICE that this creature does not look like a frog or a dog or a rat or a crane or an eagle or a whale. The creature looks suspiciously like a living human being, a human being who, according the the Bible, was created in the image of God. A human being who, according to the founders of the USA, was endowed with "certain unalienable Rights".

The first Right enumerated was the Right to LIFE. Did you get that?

But the pictures below show you what is Left After Satan Convinces People They Have the Right To Slaughter God's Children

Garbage is exactly what these people are treated like. And we go blithely about our business pontificating about "holocausts" as God's children get thrown out with the trash.
These dead babies had reached fetal ages of 18 to 24 weeks before being killed by abortion. The barrel shows the result of one morning's work at a Canadian "teaching" hospital.

This baby's life was ended mid-way through pregnancy by an abortionist at Canada's Winnipeg General Hospital, about 1970. The procedure used is saline, in which a concentrated salt solution was injected into the mother's womb. The baby breathed in and swallowed the poison. The salt also caused extreme pain asit burned off the outer layer of the child's skin, turning the baby red.

According to one victim, "I had a saline abortion and felt the baby thrash inside me for over an hour." In addition to the health hazards to women, saline abortion has caused live births. The gasping baby is then left to die, or is disposed of in some other distasteful way.


This Black child was aborted at five months of development on 11 May 1987, at the Michigan Avenue Medical Center, 30 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, by the "D & E" (dilation and evacuation) method.
By this "procedure" the abortionist used large forceps to crush the baby inside the mother's uterus and remove it in pieces.

As you look at these pictures of human beings who have been slaughtered in ways that would have caused the Nazis to blanch, imagine how hardened, callused and cold-hearted people must become who decide to go along with those who commit such atrocities. If you do not want to become like that, you must join us in resisting the insanity that has "legalized" this horrible reality.

All human rights stem from the basic right to life, a "right" said, in the Declaration of Independence, to be endowed to "all men" by the Creator. Just as peace and justice could not exist when legalized human slavery was allowed, neither can peace and justice survive when the least among us is slaughtered with impunity. No matter what "authority" is used to "legalize" such evil, it is evil none the less and must be resisted unto death.

This little boy was one of several third trimester children found in medical waste bags outside a legal abortion clinic in Houston, Texas, in late 1986. He was 14 inches long, weighed 2 lbs., and was 30 weeks gestation--7 months old--when killed. His umbilical cord was ripped from his body, which also detached his penis. The face, feet and hands were found white and bloodless, while the abdomen was severely bruised and bloodied. Both of the child's buttocks were carved off (this technique ensures death by bleeding and also suggests that the child was born still alive.)

Twelve seaweed-type laminaria (used to open the mother's cervix) were found in the bag with this child. Discussion with OB-BYNs indicate that 3 to 6 laminaria would be the maximum safe limit for a woman's cervix to endure without damage. Other severely decomposed babies were found outside the center, having apparently been kept inside for several weeks before disposal. The gruesome reality is clear--we cannot tolerate "a little bit of abortion," even if this little boy was "only" one of the 10,500 third trimester children (of the 1.5 million) legally aborted last year in the United States. Abortion is wrong; it is morally wrong. It destroys the life of the child, and enslaves the soul of the mother (and father,doctor, nurse, judge, politician, citizen…)
How many more victims…How many more?

This baby's head was found in a plastic trash bag outside an abortion mill in Houston, Texas.

Bodies were found there in the Spring and Summer of 1987. On August 8, the abortionist denied that he or his staff had thrown the babies' bodies out. But three days later, prolifers found bodies there again. The abortionist said that he disposed of bodies according to Texas law. This may be true; it is not clear that tossing babies' bodies out to be eaten by dogs, rats and mice was illegal.

Conceived by the Creator of the Universe and destined to be born as a citizen of the United States of America, this unknown person was slain either just before or just after he was delivered from the womb of his mother. His death was decreed to be "legal" by the Supreme Court of the United States of America, such legalization collaborated with by every citizen not presently incarcerated for resisting his slaughter.



This is the crowd that presently rules this land!

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