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The songs below are by Chris Wyller. This is what a true contemporary Christian Artist sounds like.

Click Here to hear a faggot song.

This is a bill clinton song

This song is about phony christians. "Call all the phonies," the singer commands, "Let's play church."

This song is about burning abortion clinics. It's hot.

This upbeat tune is about blowing up abortion "clinics." It's a real blast.

The Planned Parenthood Bop.

This little ditty is about veneral diseases. Not dinner music.

Anthem of the National Organization for Women. NOWCOW.

Talking about Real Men.

Polka Hell. For you polka lovers.

"Let God Be True" Light and airy song with a balanced analysis of the imperfections of some of today's pastors.

"The Walls Came Tumbling Down" Tuneful litany of various legal and illegal actions.

Various Other Artists

This is The Creator's Rights Party theme song.

"Old Jack Pollard" A song about what happens when you fight the powers that be without sufficient resources.

If you've got songs you'd like to see added to this site, send them to us in Real Audio format and we'll post them if we think they fit. Actually send them to us in any format and we'll transfer them to Real Audio if they belong here. Also, they must be songs whose copyright you control.

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