Satanic Insanity Infects Southern Christians

(Christian Gallery News Service, April 4, 2011) At first glance the headline of this article might appear overstated at best. How is it possible to say anything true that clumps all people who see themselves as Southern Christians into a group, much less a group that is allegedly infected by satanic insanity?

Not only is it possible to prove the statement is true, all you have to do to see it for yourself is realize Southern Christians got infected by satanic insanity once before, and it caused the American Civil War of 1861-65. I am writing this article today because not all Southern Christians are infected like they were before the Civil War, but the Southern police establishment has been taken over by the Southern Christians who have been infected, and in the past that was a sure sign that the whole South was to be infected unless something was done muy pronto to stop it. In the Old South nothing stopped the virulent spread of satanic insanity and we had the Civil War. This article is my attempt to stop that outcome in my generation. See if what I'm saying is of the Lord.

How did southern Christians get infected with satanic insanity before the Civil War? They were racists: They actually believed they were so superior to their African slaves that they were doing them a godly deed by keeping them in slavery. That's the satanic insanity that infected Southern Christians.

And virtually every Christian in the South was infected by it. All you have to do to see it for yourself is read the history books or, better yet, read the letters Southern Christians wrote explaining why the Civil War was an understandable response to reality. At the core was the belief that the Southern Christians were obligated to keep the Southern dark skinned people in bondage if the will of God was to be done.

If there was a Christian in the South who was not infected by that satanic insanity, they either had to keep their mouth shut, or get out of the South. Otherwise they would be treated like Southern Christians treated abolitionists who had the temerity or the Holy Ghost or whatever it took to come into a region of the country where everybody knew you were going to get tar and feathered at best and lynched at worst if you even thought about objecting to legalized slavery.

Okay, that's the historical context that makes me say the same thing is happening in the South again. Except this time it's not African slaves that have caused the Southern Christians to become infected by satanic insanity, it's the unborn babies being legally butchered in abortion. Those little babies have made the Southern Christians just as insane, as satanically infected, as they ever were before the War Between the States cleansed them of the demons that had driven them insane. And to begin to prove what I'm saying, I'll point at what happened in Mississippi last week.

It's not just that Christians from the North were arrested in the South that makes it clear the same satanic insanity that once infested the South has returned; it's why they were arrested .

First look at who is doing the arresting. Can you see the satanic irony?

A black man--odds are a man not three generations removed from parents who were slaves in the South--is the one satan is now employing to be the arm of the law arresting northern abolitionists come to the south trying to free the babies slated for abortion, the babies who are the new slaves of the American people.

The role has been reversed: the black Christian man is now the agent of Christian racism. Pastor Joiner stated as cuffs were being put on his wrists by Captain Shelton of the Columbus, MS, police department, "See how this works?  If we were out here protesting for gay rights, the police would be out here protecting us, not arresting us.  But they come out to arrest good Christian folks."  To this, Captain Shelton responded, "Sir you are being arrested by a Christian and a Chaplain.”

Do you understand that is exactly what was told to Northern Abolitionists before the Civil War as they were arrested by Southern Law Enforcement Officers? Those Southern law enforcement officers were Christians representing the Christians of the South in exactly the way Captain Shelton represents the Christians who make up the vast majority of the voters in Misssissippi.

Look again at the picture above and you will see the satanic insanity I am talking about in action.

But there is more proof, proof that shows the arresting officer was not acting alone, that he was, in fact, representing the new racism that has infected the Southern people.

The insanity can be clearly seen if you understand that in the South today, the unborn children are admitted to be people by the Southern Christians, but the Southern Christians feel justified in stopping the abolitionists because they are protecting the children of the South.

And that's exactly how satan has infected his insanity on the Southern Christians. He has convinced them that they are protecting their own children when they arrest the abolitionists who are trying to stop people from aborting babies.

Listen to the comments made in response to the article in the Columbus, Mississippi newspaper and you will see how the Southern Christians today justify treating the abolitionists like abolitionists before the Civil War:

Notice what is being said. "There are other ways you could get your message across!"

Notice that people are saying there are other ways abolitionists could get their message across thirty eight years after the message has attempted to be communicated that unborn babies are God's children when they are legally butchered in the USA, thirty eight years of trying to convince American Christians that we cannot tolerate such legalized slaughter without making people think OUR GOD tolerates such slaughter. Now THIRTY EIGHT years into a communication exercise where we have access to instruments of mass communication that make communication instruments of past ages seem like dwarfs in comparison, we are still being told there are "other ways you could get your message across!"

What other ways? I have had brothers who have blown the brains out of abortionists to try to get the message across. I have brothers and sisters who will spend the rest of their lives in prison because they were trying other ways to get the message across.

I am going to Court next week, April 13, 2011, because I tried another "other way" to get the message across. (Check that: they changed the Court date again. Now the Court date is scheduled for May 16. Oops, check that! Now it's August 1, 2011.) I'm increasingly convinced they intend to keep me in the dark about the actual Court date until it is impossible for me to alert people in advance. So much for the right to a public trial.)

And that's the point, no matter what manner we try, the Christians--especially Southern Christians--are organizing to stop us. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN! Learn Why Parents Hate Pictures of Aborted Babies

If that's not the most perfect example of satanic insanity, I can't imagine a better one. On the one hand Southern Christians say they are opposed to abortion because babies are being killed, yet on the other hand the same Southern Christians want to put me in prison for showing people a picture that perfectly illustrates the truth about legalized abortion. This picture:

You have to really concentrate to actually understand the image because I'm convinced the human brain was not created to see such an image, an image that personifies the most horrible thing that can happen on earth. But the picture is of a decapitated baby at the instant that baby's head is removed from her mother's vagina.

It took months before the people of Georgia could get the picture in focus, but when they did they sent the police (pictured below) to rip that image off my campaign truck, arrest me, throw me in jail, and prepare to send me to prison.

And what am I being charged with: showing that picture to children.

They found a law that said if a child under the age of 14 saw a picture that was obscene, the person who showed them that picture had to go to prison.

And there you have the satanic insanity in a nutshell. My attempt to stop people from butchering little children is declared to be illegal because the children who are born might see it.

In exactly the same way that satan convinced the Southern Christians that they were showing love to the slaves they were willing to fight to the death to hold on to, satan is now convincing Southern Christians that they are showing love to their own children by arresting people whose only reason for action is to stop people from butchering other children.

Double-Minded Christians

Of course, the way satan has managed to do this is convince Southern Christians that their own personal children are more important than the little babies being legally aborted in the United States of America.

And satan has taught Southern Christians this lesson of double-mindedness because satan knows there is nothing more confusing to the world than to have Christians make it look like their God is a respecter of person who cares more about the born children of Christians than He does about all the rest of the children in the world.

Most Christians would deny they would ever teach people that the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ is a respecter of people. They will deny it because they know God is not like that, because they know better than that; they know the Bible teaches exactly the opposite of that. But, like Southern Christians before the Civil War, if their own personal self-interest and the personal self-interest of their own children seems threatened by changing the way the government set things up, then Southern Christians will go to war before they will rock the boat their government has put them in.

All of which goes to show that Southern Christians are what most of their parents were back in the old world: peasants--peasants whose only claim to fame is they are now indisputably the best paid peasants in the history of the world.

Why the Insanity is Satanic

I call what is happening in the South today satanic insanity because there is only one explanation why sensible Christians would ignore the fact that God is no respecter of persons: Satan; Satan is the one who confuses Christians to act like their children are more important to the True and Living God than anybody else's children. And such confusion is insanity because insanity occurs when a person has lost contact with reality but doesn't know they've lost contact. That's what's happened to Southern Christians just like it did before the Civil War. Christians don't have a clue they are being led by Satan as they continue to collaborate with the federal government that has legalized murder, legalized sodomy. They think they are doing what GOD wants them to do. The Priest and Levite Jesus Christ used as examples of people who did not love their neighbor because they walked by the man dying in the ditch were victims of Satanic insanity; they didn't have a clue God would use them as examples of the worst kind of "holy" people. So it is with Southern Christians.

So the bottom line is this: when I go to Court whenever they get around to trying to put me in jail for showing children the picture they ripped off the side of my campaign truck, I pray to God I will have the grace to say something like: That's right, I showed that picture. And I meant for children to see it. I meant for children to see it because children who are old enough to understand what that picture is showing might be the only ones in the USA--including all those Christians who call themselves pro-lifers--who might not be so brain-washed that they would understand what they are looking at is a mutilated baby who deserves to shock a nation who sees her picture. Those children might be the only people in this nation who will respond honestly to what Lord Holy Ghost is trying to do say, who will refuse to collaborate with people who call themselves Christians when those Christians are teaching every day that passes that the Christian God is a respecter of persons. I hope I've got the grace to say: instead of organizing to go to Civil War to defend the babies that are being legally butchered in this nation, we are organizing to put people like me in prison. I pray I will have the courage to say, Children might be the only ones who can understand that makes Christians who do that, no matter what else we call ourselves, hypocritical cowards.

Lost My Objectivity

You might think this article is not very objective, that I am taking all this way too personal.

If you were going to Court next week, looking at prison time for trying to do nothing more than serve the Lord Jesus Christ, I doubt you'd feel much different than I do today. Because I will personally have to go to jail, this is personal.

But if you knew about Jim Pouillon you would know that going to jail might not be all I am being asked to do.

Jim Pouillon got shot down in last year for showing school children the pictures of aborted babies. And even though the man who shot him down had no sense that he was serving Christians when he did it, he was acting on exactly the same idea expressed by most Christians in the South: He believed he was protecting the children as he emptied his gun into Jim Pouillon.

In Georgia, I am as close to Jim Pouillon as any man alive is ever apt to get.

And already people, especially young people, are being tempted to evil by the knowledge that Christians dislike me to the point of imprisoning people like me.

My Face book profile page was inundated with the rage of heathen young men for a while last week. I won't quote what they were saying to me and about me because I suspect you can imagine. And I watch young people circle my campaign headquarters being tempted by satan like young gun slingers were once tempted to make a name for themselves by putting me in "my place."

I really want Christians to understand that the rage the heathens direct toward me is being fed by the double-minded Christian insanity Satan has infected this generation of Christians with. The heathens are ready to kill when they see that Christians are willing to kill. And Christians are clearly willing to kill in the matter of legalized abortion in the USA.

Why do I say Christians are willing to kill? Because Christians are willing now, as they have been willing for the last 38 years, to do what is required to perpetuate legalized abortion in the United States of America no matter how many of God's unborn children are slaughtered in the process as long as they can protect their own born children, their chooselings.

The Bottom Line

That's the bottom line about legalized abortion in the USA: it's the way Satan uses to show the world that Christians are just like the rest of the world, concerned about only people they identify with, concerned about only people like themselves.

With Christians like that, it's no wonder pagans--especially young people--can't even imagine there might be a God out there like the One the Bible describes, can't even imagine there is a God out there who raised the Lord Jesus Christ from the grave to prove that when we die, it's not all over; to prove that death had lost its sting, that the grave had lost its victory.

So it's not really Satanic Southern Christian Insanity that this article is about but just plain old Christian Satanic Insanity that is most easily explained by looking at Christians in the South today.

The Lord Jesus Christ deserves better: the world deserves better!

God loved the world so much that He would send His Only Begotten Son to give the world a chance to know that death is not what it looks like at first glance; that is, when people realize that God is the One who has a way to destroy death.

Such a knowledge was supposed to create a great harvest for the True and Living God.

Jesus Christ coming out of the grave is supposed to be the first fruit of that harvest. That harvest--the power of His resurrection--is supposed to give His people freedom from the fear of death, not only for themselves but for their children and all who are far off, even as many as the Lord would call.

In this generation, that harvest has yet to come because of the Christian Satanic Insanity.

Lord Jesus heal such insanity by the power of Your resurrection.

Neal Horsley

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