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Buchanan: Disestablishing Statism


Michael Bray

One could expect the shunning of Pat Buchanan, the outsider, by insiders. The GOP political establishment shudders to think that the "unelectable" Buchanan might gain the nomination and lead the party to defeat against Clinton. A reasonable concern. But big wigs in the party played dirty with their fears. Bennett ran to Alexander and Gramm embraced Dole, both proclaiming respectively that Buchanan "flirts with fascism" and admits "racists and anti-Semites" into his campaign. The "race card" is that trump which the leftists play whenever they think it advantageous. Sadly, it became a dirty trick used in the internecine struggle for the nomination.

We noted with regret Wesley Pruden's comments on the matter in the Washington Times (16 Feb.), in which he admonished Buchanan to purge himself of all racist connections. As with any "revolution," diverse factions will cross paths as they oppose the tyrant they have in common. And this fact of history is difficult to avoid. One need not look all the way back to, say, the Russian Revolution with its mutually hostile Mensheviks, Bolsheviks, or Trudoviks. Our own Civil Rights movement leader, Martin Luther King, had his associations with communists and racists. A common oppressor brings those commonly oppressed together. And there is a common oppressor today. The Russians had their Czar Nicholas. Black Americans had their Jim Crow laws. And the oppressor of Americans of all colors today is increasingly recognized by many to be their very own federal government. As Republican Rep. Tom Coburn stated in opposition to the intrusive anti-terrorism legislation in March, "There's a far greater fear that's present in this country - that is a fear of our own government."

It can be expected that coalitions of diverse groups will join together to reduce the strength of the central government in order to allow for the local governments to pursue their own happiness as the people deem fit. Maybe Marylanders like their legalized abortion, while Texans do not. Maybe folks would be willing to migrate to a state where the laws uphold their "core beliefs." It is difficult to imagine the KKK and the Nation of Islam joining together to force the feds to allow themselves to live as separate races, but Klan leader Tom Metzger made such a gesture to Farrakhan a decade ago after the latter recommended dividing the states up according to race. Or how about a coalition of Muslims and Christians calling for the federal government to back off its pro-abortion activism? We have already witnessed Sun Myung Moon making inroads with the likes of CWA associate Tim LaHay in forming political action networks - also, a decade ago. And this year the Center for Judeo-Christian Values in America was spawned from a 13-year-old organization known as the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

If Moonies and Christians can work together against communism; conceivably a coalition of Muslims and Christians could be formed on the basis of a common loathing of atheistic government. Even though each despises the other's fundamental doctrines concerning the deity of Jesus, both have a moral and legal code much more in common than either have with the present Godless federal government.

The Christian Identity Movement (to which Pruden imagines to connect Buchanan via Pratt via one Pete Peters) is certainly heterodox. Like Armstrong's World Wide Church of God it espouses a pseudo-history of the progeny of Israel's tribes and a heretical view of certain national covenants - together known by students of religion as British-Israelism. The doctrine revisits speculation concerning the "lost tribes of Israel" which was quite popular even among our forefathers, including Ben Franklin. One of our own home-grown religious groups which promulgating this doctrine - and which added a few other heresies (racist and otherwise) - is the Mormons. It is sad that these false teachings have been embraced by anyone; sadder still that they are upheld by political leaders like Orrin Hatch. But everyone is accustomed to Mormons who have assimilated themselves to American culture. (Most have gradually abandoned the original Mormon doctrines which espoused polygamy and racism and have embraced revised "revelation.")

Mr. Pruden says that "it's fair to judge a man by the company he keeps" and proceeds to admonish Buchanan for allowing such folks to associate with his campaign. But what shall we say, then, about the disgusting associates of our government leaders? Do our Congressmen associate with known adulterers, sodomites, and promoters of child-slaughter? Does association with communist Congressman Ron Dellums impugn the character of all Congressmen? Does association with sodomite Congressmen Frank and Studds defile the rest of Congress? Arguably so, according to Mr. Pruden's standard. We look forward to seeing him apply it consistently. But, somehow, being a racist is worse than being an advocate for the right to commit sodomy or feticide. So we don't hear Mr. Pruden calling for Clinton to renounce his associations with Mr. Frank until he (Frank) forswears sex with young male congressional pages.

The hypocrisy in the whole matter was egregiously displayed; while it would be repugnant to call upon the support of either racists (as Buchanan did not) or sodomites (as did and does Bill Clinton), it is Buchanan who gets all the blame that Clinton ought to have. So Buchanan is falsely accused of courting the baser elements and Clinton escapes the criticism he deserves. (What was that bull about Reagan and teflon?)

Dole is another Bush. Much better than Clinton, but that just doesn't say much. Yes, he gives a little lip service to the fundamental issues of law and morality when it seems politically doable. In the long run, the recently poured political foundations of our atheistic federal authorities need to be jackhammered. Buchanan is the man for this. Whether as President in '96 or 2000, or as the hammer used to forge a new party, he needs to be supported. Whether by secession or reform, a return to Law and Justice must be the goal. And that goal cannot be accomplished without a radical shift from the present atheistic, ACLU-type, judicial oligarchy to legal affirmation of transcendent law, viz. the Law of God - as was the case with the colonies.

Mr. Buchanan, you need not be intimidated by the mud that the self-righteous race-baiters sling at you. Hold your ground and return the fire. Call them what they are: baby-killing, race-baiting, fornicating, communist, God-hating sodomites. Keep your head high and press on.

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A Little National News

for the Radical Fringe

Hey, fringies! Good be with you again. The Feds are back in town spending millions to bring anti-abortionists to (Reno-style) justice for $500 in damages. They packed up their star chamber equipment and headed to Tidewater, Virginia having had their rear ends kicked out of town by Cheryl Richardson (with the help of expose provided by the Post and the Times). Resuming the multi-million inquisition there, they announced two indictments on 26 March, the day after a GJ hearing. (See report below.) Desperate to get the biography of every last picketer, Reno apparently needed to justify continuation of the probe by trumpeting these indictments. Post writer Charlie Hall (26 Jan.) had reported the fact that the Justice Department probe had began with the knowledge that the evidence theretofore discovered by FBI and ATF supported no national conspiracy. And CBS's Dan Rather had reported the fact that no conspiracy had been discovered to date (22 Jan.).

But Clinton and his Tank Lady were not fazed by the facts. They happily pursued an harassment campaign against anti-abortion activist and continue so to the present. With renewed temerity, Janet has resumed her grand jury hearings in Alexandria, having skipped the month of February. Inquisitor in chief Thomas Burrows subpoenaed Dan Bray, the brother of your editor, on 26 March to ask about "the Manual" and the terrorist deeds of Jack Humphries. (See reports below on GJ and indictments.)

Not much news from out on the fringie front. We especially miss those butyric stink bomb reports. Ah . . . those were the days! The Rad Fringe Department was hopping! Glad tidings were going forth, and the prisoners' hearts were singing. Now our RF correspondents are sweating; fearful of losing their jobs, they have bitten off all their fingernails. Oh for the hey days of Shelley Shannon. Perhaps another will receive a double portion of her spirit!

Felisone's "Nashville Statement" -
Last June, Henry Felisone issued an ethical apology on the use of force to stop abortion to the Nashville press where he was living at the time. In the wake of recent Hill and Salvi events the press was expressing much interest in the new prolife fad. So Felisone sent out a statement on the moral justification, elaborating a bit on the subject. The statement, as Felisone recalls, "asserted that it would be morally correct to use even truck bombs or poison gas to destroy an abortion installation. Occupied or not."

We haven't seen the statement, but we shall certainly mull the matter over should we get the opportunity to read it. It is important to discuss both sides of an issue before coming to a personal conclusion. But whatever we decide, we just ask you folks not to judge. 'Cause God loves everybody and wants everyone to go to heaven. (Huh? Did I say that?)

In the meantime there is some good news coming as a result of Mr. Felisone's statement. Sources say that the local college of Ob-Gyns is asking Tennessee abortionists to quit because of "terrorist action" which might segue from the statement, thus threatening the profession of legitimate Ob-Gyns. According to Mr. Felisone's source, "At least twenty abortion clinic staffers have resigned so far."

"The Lord's Resistance Army" - Uganda -
A couple decades ago that madman Idi Amin was slaughtering ex-utero people about as fast as American abortionists kill in-utero people today. At the time it was one of the most astounding acts of genocide since Stalin (Why pick on Adolf? Uncle Joe was far more liberal in his acts of butchery. Besides, Stalin is denominated a leftist. And that is where the real enemies of Truth hole up - in the bastion of the left).

Well, when countries get thrown into moral confusion under men like Idi Amin or President Bill, new opportunities arise. The people are more willing to accept a radical change; more willing to take a chance.

The folks in "The Lord's Resistance Army" in Uganda are still in operation. And a curious lot they are! Apparently imbued with some of the same stuff which has come upon those folks in Toronto, these soldiers were reported to have engaged in battle a few years ago by smearing themselves with coconut oil (for miraculous protection against bullets) and to have thrown cococuts which were expected to turn into grenades.

A recent report in the Washington Times (12 March) notes that the Resistance Army is still active in the northern part of the country. Their peculiarities notwithstanding (we have our snake handlers, Mormons, Christian Scientists, Scientologists, etc.), they have the right idea. They want the nation ruled "according to the Bible's Ten Commandments."

Refreshing. Can we get as much from our "conservative" leaders? Bennett? Gingrich? Does Billy Graham so advocate? Or is he a "separation of church and state" man?

No. We can't get that much. The best they can do is talk about "values" and hope all their fans fill in their own happy understanding of what that might be.

On Castro and free speech about his ouster -
This tyrant has been in power ten times as long as President Bill. But he isn't ten times as bad. Nevertheless, right after the private American rescue planes were shot down by Castro's military planes, a woman outside the Cuban mission in New York carried a sign, "Cuba's Solution: One bullet. One Shot. One Kill." with a picture of a Cuban flag out of which two arms clasped a pistol pointed at Castro. Free speech.

Yet we are sued in federal court and prosecuted under the federal FACE law (supported by Bob Dole and the rest of the Congress) for speaking in defense of the lethal action taken against abortionists for the sake of the innocent children in the womb. Free (PC) speech.

Dave Leach fired for reprinting AOG "manual" -
That most excellent piece of literature has sure got folks stirred up. (See our book review of the work in the winter, 1994 issue of CACN.) The anonymous book has been suppressed by VAAPCON (a.k.a. Reno's Task Force for the Preservation of Abortionists)'s ongoing inquisition. Copies are regularly subpoenaed and confiscated so that it is nigh unto impossible for a regular person to procure one for his own pleasure reading.

In that book review we also mulled over the possibility of reprinting the book and making it available to you deprived citizens. Well, we just didn't get to it. But the Lord raised up another; Dave Leach published the whole pamphlet in his January issue of Prayer and Action News! What a service! A citizen can send Dave $25.00 for a subscription and get the coveted "manual" for free! (This is a deal you won't find in your local Christian book store, so give thanks and send in your order now before Reno blows Dave's house up.P & A News, 137 E. Leach Ave., Des Moines, IA 50315.)

Readers may be unfamiliar with Mr. Leach. We are happy to devote a few lines of introduction. Dave Leach was publishing letters from John Brockhoeft before the Parole Commission gagged him upon his release from prison. Brockhoeft elected to abide under draconian conditions for parole (by which he was commanded to terminate all contact with prolifers and prolife publications! He was also directed to fire his attorney, Michael Hirsh!). His alternative was to remain in prison for a few more years until the expiration of his sentence. Leach has continued with his monthly magazine, but without the tantalizing articles from Brockhoeft. (We hope John is still alive somewhere and that the U.S. Parole Commission will rescind its totalitarian claims upon a paroled prisoner who has already served twice the time a regular criminal arsonist spends in jail.)

Dave Leach has long been a political activist; he ran three campaigns for state representative and has served on the county Central Committee of the Republican Party. He has operated his own cable TV show on which Capitol Hill guests have appeared. More recently, Mr. Leach had gained employment as a reporter with the local Ankena Today. But his publishing of the pamphlet, When it Hurts . . . Call the Army of God, drew a frenzied outcry from local TV 13:

[Female anchor] "Good evening. Some Central Iowans call David Leach a terrorist."

[Ed. note: And some Central Iowans call some news anchors "infobabes" and "fagophiles."]

The Des Moines Register (9 Feb.) responded with more integrity, even reprinting excerpts of the pamphlet. The publisher of Ankeny Today, Jonathan Narcisse, disgraced himself and journalism by firing Mr. Leach.

The fact is that Leach printed the pamphlet in reaction to the suppression of this literature by the federal government's task force (VAAPCON) which continues to hound and intimidate any who might have possessed the pamphlet. The material contained in the pamphlet has been available for years from books published by companies like Paladin Press in Boulder; Loompanics Unlimited in Port Townsend, WA; Minuteman Publications in Hurst, TX; and Butokukai in Cornville, AZ. No one attempted to censor this kind of material when the leftist Weathermen were blowing up buildings in the '60s. There were no VAAPCON task forces throwing citizens in jail for refusing to accommodate the government's pursuit of dissenters.

So Mr. Leach merely publishes a pamphlet in reaction to its suppression by Reno's Justice Department and he loses his job as a journalist. Where is "tolerance" for non-PC speech?

Marjorie Reed -
She was expecting to be released on 15 December, 1995 after being jailed in federal prison for 74 months, but various borts whined to the Clintonized Parole Commission and succeeded in getting her time reinterpreted and re-calculated so that she is now told that she must do another 27 months. You folks who can add and divide quickly know that this makes 8 years and five months of actual jail time on a 10-year sentence. Again, as in the Brockhoeft case, the actual prison time is more than twice what a regular criminal arsonist does. But these are not regular crimes; they are political crimes. And the Clintonites are particularly offended by those who interfere with their population control morality.

We continue to smile about our sister's good deeds of 1986 and '7. There were two attempts at burning down abortuaries in Ohio and New Jersey amounting to a few hundred bucks. But there was one glorious $200,000 divestment in Toledo. No doubt numerous babies were spared, along their their countless progeny.

Nevertheless, the vindictive borts and the sychophant federal employees on the Parole Commission ought not to be allowed to have their vengeful way with her. We can speak out for Marjorie and call for her release now. (U.S. Parole Commission, 5550 Friendship Blvd., Suite 420, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. 301-492-5990.)

Don Benny Anderson, 1982 -
In the course of its ongoing multi-million dollar pursuit of the defenders of the in-utero children, one of the many prisoners visited by the FBI was Mr. Anderson. Your editor contacted Mr. Anderson recently in connection with the White Rose Banquet and its celebration of the sacrifice of those in jail for the sake of the innocent. This was after the FBI had already interrogated Mr. Anderson about whether he had engaged in writing or phoning or using codes with your editor, to which he was able to properly answer in the negative.

Anderson (42 at the time) was jailed in 1982 and sentenced to 30 years for abducting Abortionist Hector Zevallos and his wife. They were taken from their home in exclusive Country Club Hills near Edwardsville, Illinois on 12 August, 1982, held for eight days, and released unharmed. Anderson and his two assistants threatened the couple with death and tried to convince them to cease killing babies. Ransom notes from the captors identifying themselves as "The Army of God" made claim to receiving revelations from God. The first note demanded that President Reagan announce an end to abortions lest the Zevalloses be terminated.

Mr. Anderson and his assistants stand out among anti-abortion activists as the only long-term convicts who are not Christians, but Mormons. The Mormons have historically made claims to possessing special revelation from God in addition to the Christian Scriptures. In the Mormon religion these revelations have come at times when they seemed to be politically advantageous. Most notably the original Mormon doctrine and practice of polygamy was nullified by a counter-revelation at the time Utah was seeking to join the Union. (The United States would not have admitted Utah with its then current provision for polygamy. A politically expedient revelation provided for statehood.) A second example of convenient revelation is the two-decade-old revelation which allowed for black people to "hold the priesthood." (Formerly, in harmony with popular racist practices, Mormon doctrine had provided an explanation for the racial distinctions current when the religion began under Joseph Smith in the 1830s, viz., that black people are those who did poorly in the "pre-existence." ) It was no longer politically or socially acceptable in the '60s to be racist; a solution was found in a new revelation.

Mr. Anderson was not at odds then with his Mormon tradition in claiming regular, specific, divine (and therefore infallible) revelation from God beyond the Christian canon. (And his basic belief in the proposition that revelation from God has come into human history is, indeed, in harmony with orthodox Christian claims, with the obvious exception concerning the specific canon.) The Mormons claim extra-canonical revelation whose doctrines in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants (especially) are flagrant heresies.

Nevertheless, what shall our secularist rulers say about the second ransom letter (denoted an "Epistle" by the authors) which declared that God had directed the abductors (as Abraham perhaps was directed to spare Isaac) to stay plans to kill the Zevalloses? This six-page letter said, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (10 Jan., 1983), "President Reagan, the infinite Holy Spirit conveyed to us, the Army of God through the spirit of mercy, that the Zevalloses should be saved for their sake and yours."

The letter went on to say of their captives: "We became very close. We grew to love them more and more with each passing day. The Holy Spirit had inspired us to speak with them and try to influence them to do the will of God."

Certainly the extension of mercy to the abortionists does not offend the secularist. No, it is the whole mindset - the belief of the abductors in a political power "on high" - which offends the civil sensibilities of the modern secularist. Federal authorities cannot tolerate political claims above the federal government. Action taken upon claims to divine authority are an absolute offense to the enlightened, atheist statist. The highest authority must be Mankind, and the locus of that authority is the Supreme Court Justices or Congresses or Presidents. Since Man must be the final authority, those who act upon a divine principle challenge the very right to life of the autonomous State and must be treated particularly harshly.

So it is that this religious fellow is abused by the feds and given a 30-year sentence for the abductions and another 12 for burning a few abortuaries in Florida and Virginia. Forty-two years in all. But, heretic that he is, he is despised for the same reason the federal government despises dissenting Christians; Mormon, Davidian, Christian - they are all the same to the Godless State. They declare Jesus, not the federal government, to be the highest civil legislator. His is the President of presidents; Lawgiver of lawgivers.

Complain about the harshness of Anderson's punishment, citing "disparity of sentence." You may write the U.S. Parole Commission (see above) or your Congressman [House] 20515; [Senate] 20510.

Grand Jury in Norfolk and a rat named Rick -
The feds, having plundered the lives of decent citizens (including the two month jailing of Cheryl Richardson), have moved on to Norfolk. Janet Waco Reno's Task Force for the Preservation of Abortionists is bound and determined to come up with at least one scalp to save face after spending millions in the service of carping NOWists, harpies, and other manipulators of Bill Puppet. So they high-tailed it out of Alexandria and threw a few more women into jail for "contempt" at the first hearing in Norfolk on 28 February. Carol McAdoo got out after a week, promising to answer questions. Powell stayed in for a month until she agreed to speak at the 25 March hearing.

Janet's jackals, having spent about $5 million, are hot on the case of a $500 act of "vandalism" against an abortuary which was under construction in Norfolk in May of 1995. The Jackals finally issued two indictments on 26 March. Clark Ryan Martin, a 24-year-old political science major at Old Dominion University, who is expecting his first child (via the old-fashioned, heterosexual, monogamous style) by April. The other is Jennifer Sperle who had relocated to Wichita last year. She is a pregnant mother of three. Both defendants share certain abnormal and criminal characteristics: a serious distaste for the killing of small children.

Apparently Janet's jackals used the Benedictine (not as in the monks) services of one Rick Thomas. This fellow has served as a body guard to ACLA Director Dave Crane to protect him from pro-aborts who have threatened him. When Thomas attended the White Rose Banquet with Dave he even relieved Jayne Bray at the registration table, collecting tickets and some money. He worked as an electrician as well as a quality control man for a paving company, and he was married to anti-abortion activist Shawnell Thomas. Must have been more money in the government informant business.

Mrs. Thomas was devastated by the news of her husband's conspiracy with the FBI when he told her about his collaboration with Janet's jackals to entrap her fellow abortion opponents. The couple had not been too close in recent years. But Mrs. Thomas was under the impression that her husband was actually a fan of those who use force to defend the innocent. Truly nauseating news.

So what kind of a life does a traitor have? What kind of fellowship is Judas enjoying? Certainly his 30 pieces of silver brought him no piece of mind. Likewise, a lost man like Mr. Thomas cannot be deriving any pleasure real pleasure from the million bucks he must have been paid by our own baby-killing federal government over the past two years. Does he imagine he will make his bride happy with a trip to the Bahamas or a new house? When he told his wife about his deeds while indictments were being issued, he prefaced his story with, "This is going to make you love me or hate me."

Does he expect a godly woman to love him?

Mr. Thomas has helped Janet's Jackals charge Mr. Martin with 20 years worth of crimes and $250,000 each in fines. Yep. Like the inverse of an artistic tax avoiding accountant, prosecutors like to find the loops, not the holes. He is threatening with the "Hobbs Act" along with basic arson and FACE charges to pressure with more jail time. And with this leverage he still hopes to get that conspiracy, to string up a few more. Gonna make that Tank Lady smile.

Mr. Thomas is not just a regular pagan like inquisitor in chief Thomas Burrows. He professes to be a Christian. What is he to do with the guilt he will surely feel for delivering his brothers and sisters into the hands of Janet Nero? Maybe he will find relief the way Judas did. But what if God is merciful and grants him a spirit of repentance? What does he do then? He must make restitution. He must declare that he is a perjurer and has lied against his brothers and sisters. That is the fruit of repentance for his salvation.

Grand jury hearings past -
The 19 December hearing in Alexandria featured only Denise Billings, to our knowledge. (There may have been others brought secretly into the star chamber.) Mrs. Billings signed the Defensive Action statement, helped organize OR's Summer of Mercy in Wichita, and formerly hosted a local radio show. She was denied legal assistance from John Whitehead's Ghandi Institute when they learned that she was on the JH side of the abortion prevention issue.

Three hours of questions went primarily to the subjects of your editor, ACLA Director, Dave Crane, and Houston resident John Witte. Particulars included: "Got any books on doing damage to places?"; "Ever read Bray's book, When Bricks Bleed?"; "Do you believe in the use of defensive force?"

Outside waiting for the victim were Bob Jewett (OR publicist), Mahatmahony, Jim Rudd, Jack Humphries, and Revs. Bray and Colvin along with their wives (one each). While waiting for Diane, we were treated to a brief view of Cheryl Richardson in chains as she was brought again to the judge for another chance to talk to the prosecutors.

The last hearing in Alexandria on 23 January featured Rev. Bob Lewis of West Chester, Pennsylvania, Andrew Cabot of the Live Free or Die state, Tom Washburn of sic semper tyrannis Virginia, and Fr. Anthony Nelson of Oklahoma City.

Fr. Anthony Nelson, a Russian Orthodox priest, presented himself robed with vestments and customary long hair and beard. He also brought along a well-behaved 11-year-old son, and he came prepared to visit other Orthodox clergy in the area. While waiting in a cafeteria in the new federal courthouse, your editor was watching the owners of the eatery, a Greek woman and her daughters. It was a pleasure on the part of this Lutheran pastor/editor to observe the respect shown the priest by this pious Greek Orthodox family. When they saw the priest come into the cafeteria, they greeted him. He stretched out his hand, and they each took it and kissed it in turn. Ensuing conversation revealed that one of their clergy relatives had taught Fr. Anthony in seminary. A lovely visit so far.

Fr. Anthony is an excellent priest. He heads up Oklahoma PLAN in OK City, and he has been a familiar sight on the street in front of local aborturies. It was at a PLAN convention in OK City a few years ago that your editor met Fr. Anthony. This and the fact that he is a good priest would naturally lead the feds to suspected him of taking an active role in defending the innocent.

Perhaps it was the weariness of traveling or maybe the fatigue which comes from the bothersome nagging by federal investigators. Your editor was not able to witness the conversation of those in the secluded waiting room. In this new courthouse on Mill Road (unlike the old one on Washington St.), only subpoenaed witnesses were permitted to wait in a room outside the jury room. We spectators, including Jack Humphries and Jim Rudd, had to stay in the cafeteria. But as Andrew Cabot tells it, Fr. Anthony was casually (and flippantly) approached by prosecutor Kevin Forder with "I assume by your dress that you are a clergyman" and then "Do you have any confessions to make before you go in?" The articulate and and normally jovial Fr. Anthony lifted up his countenance and said frankly unto him: "You're an asshole."

Hmm. Maybe the priest ought to have said, "Thou art. . ." Otherwise, it seemed to those in attendance that the response fit quite well.

Salvi saved lives -
It is not evident in the AP picture spread across the land the day after the jury convicted him of murder on 18 March. That picture shows the brother of slain childslaughter accomplice Shannon Lowney displaying a picture of his sister.

There were no pictures of the babies slaughtered by Miss Lowney's co-workers. And there were no pictures of infant Vivian Gaines or her grateful mother, Deborah (See the Patriot-Ledger of Quince, 30 Dec., 1995). Miss Gaines had fled the abortuary under Salvi's fire, changing her mind about the right to choose murder.

There was other good news in New England following the Salvi event. ACLA northeast regional director Steven Mears was outside the Concord Feminist Health Center in New Hampshire the morning of the Salvi event. Within an hour of the shooting, at approximately 10 a.m., Abortionist Stanton Goldstein walked out of the door quitting his practice. Eight customers also walked out.

The abortuary in Greenland closed immediately after the shooting and announced it would remain so until 5 January.

Channel 9 News in Manchester reported on 31 December that a doctor in Yarmouth, Maine, who had formerly committed abortions in Portsmouth, NH, was announcing that since taking leave of aborting children he had been teaching Ob/Gyn students and advising them against becoming abortionists.

Don Spitz, non grata -
As the trial of John Salvi was getting underway, Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Inc. et al wanted to be sure and purge themselves of any defilement they might suffer from associations with apologists of Salvi's embarrassing deed. Accordingly, four leaders of local groups sent a letter to Mr. Spitz telling him he was not welcome in the state of Massachusetts. President Madeline McComish along with Barbara Thorp, Director of Pro-Life Office of the Archdiocese of Boston and two other vassals of lesser local right-to-life groups signed a note, dated 25 January, 1996: "We have been informed that you are intending to come to Massachusetts for the John Salvi trial. Your public statements on the acceptability of violence do not represent the views of the pro-life movement - rather they are counter to everything that the pro-life movement represents. At this very difficult time, you are not welcome in Massachusetts."

Virginia prosecutor wants Salvi, too -
He's a real man of righteousness. Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Norman Thomas announced on the day of Savli's conviction in Massachusetts that he wanted a turn to get in the paper. Seems Virginia has got the spendthrift ways of Fed City. Must be the proximity.

That other Toronto blessing -
How about it? Those canucks are really something. Two wounded in a year! November 8 in '94 and 10 in '95. Romalis in the thigh bone; Short in the right elbow. Jingoists that we are, we expect it's one of our boys (or girls).

Reports from the Toronto Sun say a blonde girl in her late 20s was seen around Abortionist Hugh Short's Ancaster residence days before the shooting.

Local anti-abortion groups pronounced a decade of non mea culpas, spitting and gnashing their teeth at the slightest insinuation that they would have anything to do with such an unwelcome deed. "It makes our job that much harder," said James Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition.

Borts blamed the speech of abortion opponents. "Every one of their words is a caress to the terrorists," said abortuary manager Marcia Corsillo (Toronoto Star, 24 Nov., 1995).

The nation went on special alert. Hamilton police have issued "an unprecedented warning to police forces across the country, urging them to arrange special protection" for abortionists Toronto Star, 14 Nov., 1995).

Sounds like the Russians were coming, or (to be current) the Chinese were bombing L.A. (Now that were a specter. Habakkuk would be impressed.)

Some surmised from the cartridges found in the woods behind the abortionist's house that the bullet came astray from a hunter's rifle. Of course he/she was hunting. Varmints.

"Abortion Provider" -
What an excellently perverse euphemism! It refers to the guys who kill babies, for those of you who don't read. We offer a counter: Protection Provider. It refers to those who kill baby killers. Are we all clear on our terminology?

Now don't get PP confused with the old PP which we have changed to PB. For those of you who have recently subscribed, that's Planned Barrenhood.

Prison visitations from the darkside -
Four federal marshals including one marshallette from Fed City came down to Paul Hill's jail on 15 February to video tape him declining to answer their questions. (There went a cool several thousand dollars down the crapper. In the meantime, the prison backlogs requests from media to come in and interview Paul. He has had two interviews since April of 1995.) Bet these federal employees were glad to make a trip to Florida in the winter.

Shelley, living in a Kansas dump -
Caging human beings is an unjust punishment of itself, and penal reform is another matter Christians need to address with God's law. When the Law of God is reestablished and the wicked rather than the righteous are convicted of crimes, then penal reform can go to restitution (through forced labor, as necessary) and corporal (including capital) punishment. No jails as punishment in se.

In the meantime we must not forget those who languish under the perverse judgments of our Godless courts. Shelley lives in a dump in Topeka. It isn't just the usual forced living amidst lesbians and degenerates who regularly fight with each other and anyone in the way; the physical condition of the prison is decrepit: The air circulation system often fails, leaving prisoners weak from lack of fresh air. The plumbing system is such that the administration conscripts prisoners to shovel out the sewage regularly.

Regardless of these facts, we should be knocking at the door of the Governor, calling upon him to gird up his political loins and let this woman go. He can pardon her with the knowledge that even if she had done wrong, the feds needed no extra pound of flesh. They served her up to the abortion lovers. He need not kowtow so unmanfully before the borts as all his fellow politicos do.

So, entreat the Governor to do a good and right thing while he has been granted the power: Gov. Bill Graves, Capital Bldg., 900 Jackson, Topeka, KS 66612. Remind him that in the rotunda of his capital building is a huge mural with a picture of John Brown. The Governor holds in his jail a noble woman no crazier than Brown. Refer to Rachelle Shannon #58897, I-Max, 815 S.E. Rice Rd., Topeka, KS 66607.

Debbie Drapkin - Our apologies to Mrs. Drapkin. We erred in listing her among those who had been immunized and taken before the grand jury. She was subpoenaed last fall and invoked the Fifth. No order of immunity had been subsequently conferred upon her.

Dave Lane convicted in Denver -
by a jury on 12 March for performing a $25,000 procedure on Abortionist Charles Gartner's building. With a sledge hammer, Mr. Lane allegedly disarmed the tools of childslaughter on 19 March, 1995. And for his noble deeds, a morally abject jury rewarded the 25-year-old Maine man by convicting him on four creatively formulated felony counts amounting to 36 years. (The prosecution adduced Dave's anti-abortion convictions in Georgia and Florida to argue that he is an "habitual offender.") Government-funded Planned Barrenhood stooges were seen consorting with and osculating the hind parts of prosecutors. Sentencing is scheduled for 3 May. Lawyers Rowe Stayton and Mel Dole may be contacted in Aurora, CO at 303-745-5578 (Fax. 3212). Mr. Lane could be released on bond pending appeal of this obscene verdict.

Mr. Lane was one of the picketers assaulted by a PB security thug named Michael Newell on 5 October, 1994. The result of this PB violence was not the usual lethal kind visited daily upon the thousands of innocents. But injuries to Lane required several stitches in his head. No charges have been brought by Denver prosecutors. Justice? Not in a land drenched in the blood of the innocents.

Rae Powell is out; Gestapo ATF tactics are in -
Carol McAdoo was released on 6 March and gagged by U.S. District Judge Robert Doumar after a week in jail. Rae Powell, 20-year veteran of the Navy and mother of three children at home, remained in jail until 25 March when she agreed to answer questions at GJ hearing scheduled that day. Mrs. Powell answered that she had verily handled a copy of "the Manual" and had returned it to its loaner.

Ah, but "cooperating" with Herod's men does not necessarily restore a citizen to the good life. Mrs. Powell was promptly accused of being a perjurer (standard procedure to intimate the unwary citizen and extract more "cooperation"). A peep had been heard out of Pat Robertson's legal outfit the day after Powell and McAdoo were jailed: ""While the [ACLJ] unequivocally rejects and condemns any type of violence against abortionists or clinics, it is wrong for the administration to use the grand jury to threaten and intimidate ordinary citizens who are only exercising their free-speech rights in opposing abortion" (Newport News Daily Press, 1 March).

The night before the Monday hearing, a single mother of two, one Michelle Tribble, was visited unannounced at her home by ATF agents from 9:30 to 10:00 p.m. The agents handed her a subpoena to appear before the Tidewater grand jury the next morning! One of the agents, referring to Miss Tribble's dependency status (a recipient of welfare), told her that a person in her condition need to be careful. Miss Tribble interpreted the comments to be a insinuation that she might have her children taken from her.

Don Spitz, Director of Pro-life Virginia, reports that local activists were visiting Mrs. Powell weekly and conducting prayer services outside the jail each Sunday. (Ph. 804-421-2543; Fax 3732)

Judge Doumar, the authority responsible for holding these people in contempt, can be written at U.S. District Court, 101 25th St., Newport News, VA 23604.

Florida abortionist calls it quits -
He's only 28 years old and wants to live a long life. Abortionist (Ret.) Gostal Arcelin was disturbed by citizens picketing outside his Neptune Beach home and decided to cease from his practice of driving to Melbourne to commit abortions. The Ob-Gyn resident at University Medical Center faxed a one-page letter to Christians for Life in Melbourne with the good news. A University spokeswoman "said he [ex-abortionist] told her he was quitting the Melbourne work because he was concerned for his safety." (Jacksonville AP, 17 March)

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