A book is being published called The Abortion Holocaust Resolution Project sponsored by The Crusade for Life, the organization that originally published the Silent Scream. The press release for the book says, "Thirty pro-life leaders from around the United States have joined their hands and hearts in writing the final chapter to America's abortion holocaust." The Creator's Rights Party was asked to submit a strategy paper. That paper follows. But before you read the paper, please note that the paper you will be reading was "disenrolled from the Abortion Holocaust Resolution Project" and was not included in the final publication.

Don Smith, the director of the project explained why, "The Crusade for Life Board of Directors disenrolled you in the project because of your scurrilous attacks on various pro-life leaders. Some of these parties are sure to attend our conference, and we cannot tolerate any open hostilities."

As you read the article, please keep in mind I thought it would be part of a group of articles by the most prominent pro-life leaders in the nation. And finally, as you read the article pay close attention to what constitutes "scurrilous attacks" in the minds of pro-life leaders in this nation. When you see that honest and factually acccurate analysis has been seen by Christian pro-life leaders as "scurrilous attacks" then you will see why the pro-life movement in America has today become Satan's best tool for perpetuating legalized abortion. When "pro-life leaders" have become so cowardly that they will not expose themselves to even the possibility of "open hostilities" you will see how Satan has used fear to bring the pro-life leaders of this nation under his control..

May God grant us all release from such demonic possession.

How to Force the Government of the USA to End Legalized Abortion

By Neal Horsley


            Only the threat of the terror of the sword wielded by God’s ministers of government[1] can arrest legalized abortion in the USA.  Please let me explain why.

            In Washington DC in 2005 at what was called “The March for Women’s Lives,” about 1,000,000 women and men came from all across the USA to strut down from Capitol Hill.


They were people who either directly or vicariously had stood in the shoes of the premeditated murderer when they carried out the execution of an unwanted baby.  While they marched they howled their pride in the power to murder people the federal government had bestowed on them.  Behind their exultation was the knowledge that they represented tens of millions more exactly like them in every city, town, church and synagogue in this nation, tens of millions of people who carried with them the balance of power in the USA.  The joy they expressed was the fruit of the unimaginable triumph only a murderer knows when they realize they have not only gotten away with murder but actually have a license to do it again under similar circumstances.  That march in Washington symbolized the evil that we the people of the United States of America have created: a nation where tens of millions of people have learned they can murder other human beings, even their own children, and walk away scot free.  The marchers laughed in mocking derision at those who, like me, stood beside the line of march and cried out in impotent resistance to the blood lust for human flesh the marchers embodied and flaunted before Almighty God.

            Had you been there that day, you would have seen evidence proving it is preposterous to think legalized abortion can be rolled back in this nation until those people and the tens of millions more like them who have tasted the power of the successful murderer—who have tasted human flesh—have been sobered and subdued and brought to repentance by the threat of punishment so great that even the devils tremble.

            But few Christians saw that display of blasphemous Satanic power.  And of the few who saw it, most refuse to face what it means.  Just as the marchers I described deny my interpretation of their event with all their heart and soul, hating me with pure and undefiled hatred because I call them premeditated murderers, so, too, will most Christians in this nation refuse to grant that what I saw with my own eyes is a truthful interpretation of what has occurred in this nation.

            This book proves that point.  The article you are reading is a part of a compilation of strategies from the leaders of the pro-life movement.  Read the book and you will see that after 34 years with a river of dead baby blood flowing without pause through the heart of this nation, with the exception of this article, the leaders of the pro-life movement still advocate the same strategies--even if they try to dress them in new clothes—strategies that have been tried over the last 34 years and have failed to staunch the river of dead baby blood. 

            All the strategies proposed or implemented by pro-life leaders failed in the past, and those proposed by the other strategists in this book will continue to fail, because they depend for their execution on a majority that does not exist in any political configuration that can be presently found in this nation.  No matter where you look--in any State as a whole, in any State Congress, in the nation as a whole, in the National Congress, in the federal Appellate Courts including the Supreme Court—you will not find any presently existing majority willing to overrule the US Supreme Court’s abortion rulings.

            The experiences of the last 34 years prove there is only one way we will be delivered from this present evil.  We intend to create a new ruling majority in at least one State in these presently united States of America, a majority that will be composed of people willing to nullify federal abortion laws or die trying.  History has shown a State government can nullify federal law if the people in that State are willing to fight to the death rather than allow federal law to be enforced there.

            The strategy we propose is the only viable strategy because events have shown that to abolish legalized abortion we must create a new political configuration with a new majority unlike any that presently exists in any political framework in this nation.  Finally that new majority will be composed of people who cannot suffer this evil any longer.  Those people will relocate themselves to a Free State in exactly the way people relocated themselves, because of their determination to abolish slavery, to Kansas prior to the American Civil War.  Once they have that Free State under firm control, they will elect a Governor who will then nullify federal law.  The resulting confrontation with the federal government will either cause abortion to be outlawed in that State or else show the USA to be a ravenous beast that devours both the unborn and the protectors of the unborn.

            Truly this is a radical, even shocking, strategy.  But for those who have not learned to tolerate the intolerable we live in shocking times.

            It is a sad commentary on many spiritual things that for 34 years the vast majority of American Christians have united in denying that the USA has become a nation ruled by murderers.  As you read the other strategies outlined in this book, you will see incontrovertible evidence proving that the vast majority of Christian “pro-life” leaders still considers the evil of legalized abortion--the evil that the government of the USA has legalized—can be arrested without God’s ministers exercising, as is normally done with murderers, the threat of the sword of terror.

            The bulk of the reports in this book give hardly a hint that this legalized murder in our midst has created a real imminent Deadline in front of each and every person in this nation, hardly a hint that the evil we suffer must soon become insufferable for everyone who participates in it.  The unspoken assumption of the leaders of the pro-life movement is even now the same assumption that has under girded the pro-life movement from its inception.  From the beginning  the pro-life movement made an assumption that God will allow the United States of America to continue to sponsor legalized child sacrifice indefinitely, and will give us the time to use the ordinary methods of civil persuasion to convince the majority--as this nation is presently configured--to abolish legalized abortion.  While some of the writers might give lip service to the idea that the USA is in imminent danger, the strategy they advocate will be essentially like strategies of the past, strategies that were based totally on the premise that God can be trusted to not destroy us all this very day because of our ongoing collaboration with the legalized slaughter of His children.

            We disagree.  We believe that under these present circumstances to assume that God will not destroy all the people in this nation as He did evil nations of the past is the sin of presumption and is a pernicious, confusing evil itself.  We contend that, since we live in a nation controlled by millions of bold, practiced, unrepentant, premeditated murderers, that only large numbers of people preparing to fight to the death in defense of the babies being murdered provides the response that gives God His rightful service.  We contend that it is only the specter of these people preparing to fight legalized abortion to the death that will have the power to arrest legalized abortion in this nation.  And finally, we contend that unless God raises up a majority in some State willing to die trying to abolish legalized abortion, all God’s people will remain enslaved to evil in this nation.

            The strategy we advocate is a strategy that grows out of a different premise than the one most of the leaders of the pro-life movement have worked on for the last thirty four years.  This new strategy grows out of a certain sense that, unless it is arrested, the evil we presently see around us in the United States of America will inevitably cause the people of this nation to suffer so much that they will realize the terrible consequences that fall on the people of a nation--Christians included--who have participated in great evil.  This new strategy anticipates that the pain God is even now allowing to descend on this nation will soon become so insufferable that people will become ready to do what is required to arrest legalized abortion, even fight to the death to stop it if that is what is required.

            So the strategy we advocate is addressed to only one group of people in this nation.  You can see if you are in that group by asking yourself this question: “Has this evil of legalized abortion that we have lived with, that we have suffered, for these many years become insufferable to you?”  If your answer to that question is No, then by your answer you demonstrate that you have not begun to suffer so much from the consequences of collaborating with an evil and Satanic nation controlled by triumphant, successful, premeditated murderers that you are prepared to do what is required to separate this nation from legalized child sacrifice.  But if your answer is truly Yes, then read on.  We advocate a strategy created long ago for all the people like you.

Reviewing the Problem Shows Why Radical Strategy Is Required

            Legalized abortion is a form of human sacrifice authorized by a government.   Human sacrifice in a nation is a foundational defining event that unifies a nation in a beastly Satanic ritual in the same way the homosexual community or a community of pedophiles or a community of cannibals is unified around a shared common sin authorized by the community.

            A nation that legalizes abortion grieves and, without repentance, quenches the Holy Spirit of God in the same way a nation that legalized homosexuality or cannibalism would quench the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, such a nation defiles itself from its access to the Body of Christ and becomes a beastly body, destined only for punishment from God by fire unless it repents.[2]

            Since a nation is an abstract symbol that stands for the reality comprised of each and every individual human being within that nation, what can be said about the nation can and must be said about each individual who collaborates with that nation if the truth is to be stated. The people in any nation of people which legally allows unborn babies to be killed defile themselves from their station as the children of God to the extent that they collaborate with, rather than resist, that nation and its commonly accepted authorities.

            While the problem we face today can be defined in those general terms, there is a root of that problem that must be identified before the full definition of the problem is in view.  The root of the problem was alluded to in the Introduction to this paper.  The founding fathers of the USA defined the root of the problem before us today in these terms: “…all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed…” Declaration of Independence, 1776

            If you consider the words in the Declaration of Independence, you will see one of the profoundest, yet at the same time saddest, messages about the root problem of the human condition ever penned.  The founders of this nation realized that people were disposed to live with evil until the evil had become so painful that, paradoxically, the evil became subject to control by people precisely because the evil had become more painful than the people could bear.

            For thirty four years the Christians in the USA have lived in the midst of legalized abortion.  Many of those Christians have claimed to know legalized abortion was evil-- pernicious evil, astonishing evil, blasphemous evil, murderous evil.  Yet for thirty four years we have suffered this evil. 

            It is true that many have not suffered this evil easily or in silence.  Much has been done to attempt to remove ourselves from the grips of this evil.  Yet the evil remains.  Today any pregnant woman who so chooses has the legal right under the rules defined by the federal government of the USA to kill the unborn person inside her body up to the moment that person emerges from the womb.  While that “right” is disputed by some State governments, those disputes have been overruled by the federal government in every precedent established in the last thirty four years.

          The root of the problem then should be obvious: God’s people have not done what is required to abolish the evil of legalized abortion.  Read on and you will see why.

Demons Named Denial and Surrender

            Before abortion can be outlawed anywhere in the USA, Christians--and all others like Muslims and Jews whose God explicitly forbids abortion--must first learn to deal with the demons named Denial and Surrender.

            I learned much about demons by working for the last ten years as a computer programmer.  In computer programming a demon (computer programmers normally call it “daemon” after the original Greek word, but it’s a Demon just the same) is a program that resides on the computer.  The demon is normally dormant but is activated when the computer user takes certain actions with the computer.  In other words, a demon is a user-activated computer program. When the demon is activated, it takes over the computer, does its demon work, and then disappears back into the background when its work is done, there to await its next activation.

            In the world of computers, it’s easy to see that demons are not necessarily bad things.  In fact, computers cannot do what we’ve learned to expect from them without the presence of demons in the background doing all sorts of things that the computer user has no knowledge of.  But in the kingdom of God, those created in the image of God are not spiritless computers, and those who were raised in Christ Jesus were not raised to be controlled by forces they have no knowledge of--by demons running in the hidden places of our mind.  Demons are things that must be cleansed from all God’s children if they are to grow up into Christ Jesus. 

            This article is an attack on the demons named Denial and Surrender.  We can begin to understand how those demons came to reside in people by looking at what happened in this nation with Roe v. Wade.  When abortion was legalized by the federal government of the USA in 1973, Christians were faced with a decision.  They had to either protect unborn babies from unjust death, or they had to obey the federal government: they could not do both.  Christians who believed unborn babies were human beings created in the image of God and deserved lives in accordance with God’s decree of conception were faced with the full power of the federal government of the USA.  And what did Christians do?  They surrendered their duty to defend each individual person created in the image of God in the USA.  Since that surrender was sin, they compensated for their sin by denying that their surrender was sin at all.   To hide from what they had done, two new programs were loaded in their minds.  Thus the two Demons, Denial and Surrender, were loaded into the subconscious mind of Christians in the USA.  The programs only ran when the Christians were required by events to pretend they had not surrendered to sin by allowing legalized abortion to occur around them.  But when activated, the demons did their work in Christians and ran like the devil.

            Of course there were a few exceptions that proved the rule.  Those few Christians refused to deny the sin that a Christian embraces when they stand by and do not defend innocent people from unjust death.  Instead of surrendering to sin, they (you know their names) began to take the law into their own hands with actions of various types designed to deter, or stop, people from killing unborn babies.  Because those Christians responded in accordance with the law of God, they never had to learn about the consequences of being loaded with the demons named Denial and Surrender.  Most of those Christians are in prison isolation or dead today, and remain only as a rapidly fading memory.  The rest of us became loaded with the demons named Denial and Surrender.  

            Before abortion can be outlawed anywhere people cleansed of those Demons must take over the government of a State or States.

Being Cleansed From Demons

            Theoretically it is easy for a Christian to be cleansed of Demons.  As the Apostle John tells us, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

            If you are in Christ Jesus and you think about that verse, you will see that the confession mentioned in the verse is the actual key to forgiveness of sin and cleansing from the unrighteous consequences of that sin.

            So to be cleansed of demons we must understand the absolute necessity of confessing the sin that opened the door to the demon in the first place.  If we do not confess our sins, God will not forgive our sins and He will not cleanse us of all unrighteousness.  We will remain infected by demons that, like the demons in a computer, will be activated when we encounter certain situations, and those demons will do their work through us like we were computers with no access to the Holy Spirit of God.

            Are you beginning to see the problem?  The vast majority of Christians in this nation who call themselves pro-life Christians refuse to admit that personal sin is involved in their daily collaboration with the federal government of the USA, the government that legalized the slaughter of unborn babies, the government that authorized every pregnant woman in this nation to kill her baby if she chooses.

            The refusal to see that sin creates the demon named Denial.

            I know these things because I am a Christian teacher and leader whose entire ministry began with and consists of confessing the sin that I participate in each day when I reside outside prison or the grave and allow unborn babies to be legally murdered around me.  My ability to confess my sin keeps the demon called Denial from controlling my mind, my body and my spirit.

            But because I am surrounded by Christians who have loaded the demon named Denial, Christians who refuse to grant they are infected with that demon, I have been ostracized and shunned by the vast majority of Christians who have been confronted by my ministry.  Because I point out the demon in Christians, they hate me and fight me exactly like Planned Parenthood hates and fights me.

            The fact that you are reading these words proves that I have been given an unusual grace in my ministry.  In spite of the fact that people are infected with a demon that I have been called by God to attack and destroy, the people infected by that demon, no matter how hard they try, still find themselves unable to shun or to silence me either effectively or completely. 

            I have this power because I am confessing my sin.  Because I have been cleansed of the demon named Denial, I have access to the power of the Holy Spirit whose job is to overcome obstacles in ministering to people God wants to deliver from demons.

The Power That Comes From Being Cleansed of Demons

            God has never used filthy people to do His work.  People who work for God must be cleansed from sin.  Confession and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the key to that cleansing.  God cleanses people who confess their sins by uniting them with the Holy One, the Clean One, the One who has paid the penalty for sin for all those who are in Him.  Even though they might be the filthiest person on earth, when they confess their sins and repent of their sins, they are united with the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who never sinned, the One whose garments are spotless, whiter than white, cleaner than clean…If they confess their sin.

            So these thoughts have come full circle.  The demon named Denial can only be removed by facing the sin that is being denied, confessing that sin, then realizing the cleansing that comes from being united to the Clean One, the One who has no demons.

And that’s the end of the Demon named Denial.

Destroying the Demon Named Surrender

            Now for the Demon named Surrender.  When we the Christian people of the USA face the fact that every day that passes we collaborate in the sin of baby murder, then we will begin to realize why we must also exorcise the other demon named Surrender.

            Those who are in Christ Jesus will never surrender to sin.  That is because He has never surrendered to sin and has no intention of surrendering now.  If people are actually in Him, they will never be controlled by the demon named Surrender.  Just as Jesus Christ gave His Body before He would surrender to sin, they will give their very bodies if that is what is required to avoid surrendering to sin.

            But those in Christ Jesus are also in the flesh at the same time.  And, as the Apostles remind us, the Spirit wrestles with the flesh and the flesh with the Spirit.

            The way the flesh is controlled by Satan is important for us to understand if we want to see how the wrestling match between the Spirit and the flesh works.

            In Hebrews 2:13-14 we are told, among other things, that the devil uses the fear of death to keep the whole world (which certainly includes the flesh) in bondage.  So the flesh is that part of each and every one of us, Christians included, that is subject to the fear of death, the part of us that when confronted with the fear of death counsels us to surrender.

            With this in mind, it becomes possible to see that the demon named Surrender is always created by the fear of death.

            In order to be cleansed from the demon named Surrender we must confess the sin that moves our flesh to naturally want to surrender when faced with anything that confronts us with the fear of death.

            The reason the demon of Surrender has such a hold on Christians in the USA is we, the people, created the federal government as a main line of defense against things that create the fear of death within us.  When the federal government became the agent of death to the unborn babies--the least among us--and when the Holy Spirit began to try to move His people to stop it, the first thing we all realized is this: if the federal government became our enemy, the most powerful instrument of death on this planet would be directed against each and every person who tried to stop what the federal government was doing.  All flesh on earth fears becoming the enemy of such a government.

            So on the day a few years ago when the Holy Spirit tried to move God’s people to understand that decent and orderly and ordinary resistance to legalized child sacrifice having failed then extraordinary resistance must be applied, on that day when we should have begun to prepare to separate ourselves from the federal government that had become the agent of sin and death, on that very day, all but a few Christians surrendered to the idea that the federal government could legalize the murder of the least of God’s children in this nation and it would be no sin if the Christians in this nation continued to collaborate with it.  On that day, the demon named Surrender occupied the flesh of every Christian who surrendered to the federal government.

            The whole world knows this surrender has occurred within the vast majority of people in this nation who call themselves Christians.  And the world knows why we do it.  The world knows that those who claim to be in Christ surrendered to a godless and murderous federal government because the fear of death was stronger than their fear of what the Lord would do to them if they decided to surrender to sin.

            This situation will not continue: God is going to deliver His people from the fear of death.

            My confident assertion that God is going to instill the will within His people that will allow them to do whatever is necessary to break the bondage to the collaboration with sin that is our present condition in the USA is based upon my reading of key passages in Romans 6. We are told that one of the consequences of being united with Christ Jesus in His death, burial and resurrection is people so united will no longer be slaves to sin. The KJV has Paul saying it this way: “Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin...14 For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.”

            When we are told that “sin shall not have dominion” over us, we are given a word from God that binds God to provide us with the will and strength necessary to resist being enslaved by sin. I base my faith on the inevitability of fruition in the movement I am a part of on 1.  God’s people are presently enslaved to sin in the USA, 2. God is no liar: God honors His commitment to His people. God will not allow His people to continue as slaves to sin. He will give us the will to do whatever is necessary to break our bondage to the demons named Denial and Surrender, even if it costs us our lives.

            All it takes to destroy the demon named Surrender is to determine to give your life in service to the Lord Jesus Christ--give your life not as an abstract principle that will provide you with 90 years of comfortable American living, but give your life even if it means you end up fighting the federal government of the USA to the death in the near future.


            If you have eliminated the demons of Denial and Surrender from your soul, you will know that we are in the midst of the most unimaginable calamity that has ever befallen Christians on earth.  By allowing the demons of Denial and Surrender to operate with impunity in our individual souls for years, those of us who are in Christ Jesus have allowed ourselves to become enslaved in a nation of people who use us to provide the theological justification—the tacit imprimatur--for the perpetuation of legalized human sacrifice.  In other words, the willingness of people who claim to be in Christ Jesus to abide within this nation that has legalized abortion provides a tacit imprimatur that tempts the whole world to believe that the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ condones and authorizes legalized abortion.  The fact that we provide this nation that has legalized child sacrifice with this message—this tacit imprimatur--about God has made this generation of Christians among the most confusing witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ who have ever lived on earth.  We have in fact become the New Lapsi.

            Every day that passes with Christians in the USA not being led by God to lay their lives down to stop legalized abortion makes it appear that God cares more about the present peace and lives of born Christians than He does about the lives of unborn babies.  This willingness on the part of Christians to tolerate the legalized slaughter of unborn babies is a living testimony that makes God look like what the New Testament calls “a respecter of persons” and belies any rhetoric we utter that suggests unborn babies are created in the image of God in exactly the same way and deserving of the same protections as the rest of us.  Such a false testimony is one of the most confusing messages Christians can send to the world.

            For over three decades this confusing witness has utterly confused the world about the love of God and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Confusing People About God’s Love

            There was a time when all Christians in the USA knew that one verse in the Bible summarized the gospel message:

            "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

            No wonder people are confused about God today.  Children conceived by God are being killed and the government of the United States of America authorizes their being killed in the same way the government authorizes our soldiers to kill the enemies of the USA.  Jesus Christ said our love for our neighbor would be the way we inherited eternal life [Luke 10:25ff], but we stand by and allow our neighbors to be legally murdered in this nation for decades without giving our lives to stop it.  And to make things worse, for thirty four years Christians have acted like God has some higher priority than eliminating that which confuses the whole world about the love the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ has for all His children.

            The best thing about this book you are reading is it proves that vast numbers of Christians know something must be done to stop this confusion.  But until this point only a few Christians have been willing to admit the truly radical response that will be required from God’s people before this confusion can be eliminated.  Finally, God has always been willing to kill those who would destroy His children by destroying their knowledge of His Love.  So, too, if necessary today, He will destroy the evil ones as a sign and a warning required to save the rest.


            With the battle in focus, we can now add more details to the strategy we advocate.  The only way to eliminate the confusion in this nation is to prepare to bring all God’s people out of the United States of America unless this nation provides us with a place here in this nation where child sacrifice cannot legally occur: a Free State.  This place of sanctuary within the United States of America is the minimum requirement for those who are in Christ to abide within this nation.   

            To make this requirement known to the people of the USA, and to demonstrate that the requirement is not a matter of rhetoric but an absolute minimum requirement for the continuation of the “United” States of America, God’s people must prepare to empower a State and its Executive to nullify the laws allowing abortion.  Because of the train of events that have preceded, events which have not abolished the legalized child sacrifice but instead created the impression that God is willing to tolerate such legalized sacrifice, the following strategy is now not only in order but mandatory given the crisis created by the confusion around us:

Why This Plan of Government and Not Some Other?

            “..But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…” The plan defined in the Declaration of Independence is, insofar as the USA is concerned, God’s fully sanctioned plan for government.

            The demons of Denial and Surrender are activated and start to scream these days whenever a Christian infested by them is seriously reminded about the Declaration of Independence.  That is because the Declaration of Independence defines a plan that claims to be the “self-evident” truth about government, a plan that claims to require individual citizens to rise up and overthrow government that becomes destructive of the “self-evident” truths defined in the Declaration of Independence.

             The Jesus Christ will never allow the Demons of Denial and Surrender to inhabit the members of His Body indefinitely.  One way or other those in Christ will be delivered from such Demons.

            Do you hear the demons scream today?   Is it any surprise?  The demon of Denial cannot abide in any body that sees the sin that comes from collaborating with a government that legalizes murder.  And the demon of Surrender cannot inhabit a body that refuses to surrender to that government.  Will you help us drive them from this land?

Implementing the Strategy

            Obviously a strategy like the one defined here requires a step by step process of implementation.  But it is impossible to define what that step by step process will look like, and the impossibility of precise definition is not simply a matter of lack of writing space.  Only the omniscient God alone can anticipate with accuracy the various steps that must be taken when people decide to separate themselves from a government that has created insufferable evil, yet has power so great as to create the fear of death in all who resist it.

            For thirty four years, God has allowed a huge variety of steps to be taken that were moving in the direction of abolishing legalized abortion.  What we are advocating here is not a repudiation of any of those steps that moved us toward the abolition of this evil.  What we are advocating is simply what comes next “after a long train of abuses and usurpations” has created insufferable evil in a nation.

            While all the future steps cannot be seen, what comes next is clear.  A method for identifying the people who will no longer suffer legalized abortion must be created.  A gubernatorial campaign is the perfect tool.  In the day to day events of this campaign, not only will people learn about the strategy required to abolish legalized abortion but the actual people willing to commit their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to this strategy will be given a chance to be knit together with others already committed to this strategy.  The presence of such gubernatorial campaigns is the living and undeniable evidence that this strategy is being implemented.

            Such Candidates for Governor are at hand.  They seek people to support them.

Today it is obvious that there is not enough support for this strategy to capture the government of even the least populous state.  But God tells us that we have not because we ask not.  So we are asking for your support.  If you truly understand the evil of legalized abortion, we offer the only strategy with the power to abolish it without remaining enslaved to evil until Jesus returns to personally lead His army.

            Why face God’s wrath when all that is required to be delivered from evil is to determine to fight it to the death?  Once cleansed from the Demons of Denial and Surrender, there is no reason to wait.  Leaders are at hand.  Contact us so we can be knit together by The Creator.  To see in detail the strategy we embody, visit http://www.tcrp.us, or write us at PO Box 1081, Carrollton, Ga 30116, or call 770 838 5940 and we’ll show you how you can help do what The Creator wants done next.

[1] Romans 13:3-4

[2] For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.  Heb 10:26-27

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