Neal Horsley
Professor of Terrorism
Terrorism University

DAY TWO: Terrorism Defined

Terrorism is the use of the fear of death to force compliance with the will of another.

This definition of the word "Terrorism" applies to all instances of what can be called terrorism and should be memorized to combat those who throw the word terrorism about without bothering to define the word.

If we don't resist false definitions of terrorism then the word terrorism becomes like the bogey man, a tool to incite fear in children who lack the knowledge required to know when they're being manipulated to force compliance with the will of another. After all, if we're going to be manipulated to force compliance with the will of another, we must keep constantly in mind that those who are not children do not have to obey terrorism, no matter where it comes from--with one exception.

There is One Terrorist whose will cannot be denied, One Terrorist who has the right to use the fear of death to force compliance with His Will. That Terrorist is the True and Living God who created Death. All other terrorists can, and must, be resisted even if one loses one's life in the process of resistance. This resistance is necessary because only the Terrorist, God Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, has the Right to be obeyed.

To be certain you see the point, I will say it another way: The Will of the Creator is the only source of Right and Truth and Authority that the creature, any creature, is obligated to obey. All other wills, no matter how much power they may be seen to have, must be resisted if their will negates the Will of the Creator who is the True Terrorist.

How is the Creator the True Terrorist? According the story in the Christian Bible, God had no one above Him to force Him to decide to carry out the threat He had made to Adam and Eve should they decide to eat the fruit God had forbidden. The fact that God cast Adam and Eve from the Garden and put an Angel with a flaming sword to prevent Adam and Eve from returning to the Garden made God the True Terrorist who used the fear of death to force compliance with His Will.


In order to enforce His Will, God had to teach all His creatures to understand what He meant when He used the word Death.

Death is separation from the consciousness of union with God, the Creator. There is no where in the universe where actual separation from God, the Creator, can occur. But there is a place in the brain of human beings--the creature said to be created in the image of God--where the consciousness of separation from God the Creator can occur. That place of separation is death.

Death occurs when a person perceives themselves to be separated from the Creator. No person can allow such a sense of separation, such a vacuum of separation, from God to occur for longer than the sense of separation is perceived. Immediately upon sensing separation from the Creator, a search begins for a substitute. It is then that the god of this world enters the consciousness of those who have lost the knowledge of the Creator through their disobeying His Will. It is then that the True Terror begins.

The True Terror is caused by the knowledge of separation from the Creator. The god of this world uses the fear of death to remind people of their separation from the Creator. Paradoxically, the untrue god, the god of this world, has been given the power of the fear of death by the True Terrorist. It is that power and that kingdom, the kingdom of the god of this world, that the Creator imprisoned Adam and Eve to live within all the days of their lives after they disobeyed the Creator. (Hebrews 2:15)

Only in Christ Jesus did the Creator make a way to return to the Creator. Only in Christ Jesus did the True Terrorist reveal that He is also the True Love. In spite of everything that had gone before, the Creator made a way in Christ Jesus for the creature to return to the knowledge of union with the Creator, the same knowledge that Adam and Eve had before the fall.

The point is that Death, as well as Life, belongs to God (Deu 30: 15-19). It is only when this fact is clearly in consciousness that the Christian God can begin to be understood.

The gospel of the Christian God is a message about how God, the Creator, used God, the Son, to bring salvation through death, burial and resurrection. The gospel shows how the True Terrorist also truly loved the world enough to give His only Begotten Son that whosoever believed on Him would not perish but have everlasting life.

The gospel cannot be understood until God, the Creator, is seen to be the True Terrorist who used the fear of death to bring every person created in His image to the place where they would realize that His Will is the only Will in the universe that cannot be disobeyed without bringing death into the world.

As soon as a person begins to see God as the True Terrorist and as True Love, both at the same time, then that person begins to experience the loss of the sense of separation from God that is the True Death.

It is the goal--and goad--of this class to be used to move you to know that True Death has been defeated in Christ Jesus. 1 Cor. 15:54-58.


DAY THREE: Experiencing Union With Christ, the only way to end the war on Terror

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