Jim Kopp and The Buffalo Decision



Neal Horsley



(Christian Gallery News Service, March 11, 2003) On March 11, 2003, it was announced that Jim Kopp will forego a jury trial and will be found guilty and sentenced to life in prison by a Judge in Buffalo, New York.Jim Koppís decision means there will be nothing to hold back the wrath of God from hitting we the people.


As I explained in ďThe Buffalo Warning,Ē the video I produced to try to warn the people about the grave matters surrounding the trial of Jim Kopp, prior to Jim Koppís decision there was the possibility that God would grant much grace to the jurors in Buffalo in Jim Koppís trial, grace that would move one or more of them to nullify the abortion laws and vote to acquit Jim Kopp for killing Barnett Slepian, the abortionist.There was that chance and that hope that Buffalo could deter the coming wrath of God against this nation.


But now there is no possibility that will happen.The Judge will apply the law as it is written by decree of the Supreme Court of the United States of America and Jim Kopp will be punished for stopping the abortionist from killing Godís children.There will be no possibility that a jury will nullify the court created abortion laws.Godís wrath will not be allayed and Jim Kopp will have hastened that day.


Why would Jim Kopp decide to bring Godís wrath on this nation without giving the people in Buffalo an opportunity to allay Godís wrath by granting him acquittal?


I do not know the answer to that question.But some things I have no doubt about.For instance, I have no doubt that there is a complicated chain of events involving many people that led Jim Kopp to decide to forego letting a jury in Buffalo decide his fate.I have no doubt that the Catholic hierarchy in the State of New York and the nation and the world looked long and hard at the scene that was developing in Buffalo, NY, a scene involving their own.I have no doubt that having looked, the Catholic leaders exerted enormous power and influence to bring about the outcome we now see.Those things I see; but there is much I do not see about why Jim Kopp threw himself to the wolves.


This much is certain: Jim Koppís decision creates consequences exactly like the consequences that would have occurred had a jury in Buffalo decided his fate, decided to send him to prison for life for killing an abortionist who was going to wake up the next morning and go kill babies.The consequences will be the same because the Judge that decides Jim Koppís fate will be acting in the name of we the people in exactly the same way the jury would have acted.


And the wrath of God will fall on this nation.


What form will this wrath take?


In its most benign form it will mean God will simply remove His grace from we the people.The institutions we the people have created will continue to disintegrate at an ever increasing rate with entropy having its inevitable and dreadful effect, leaving we the people naked before God and the world as a snarling predatory beast, hated and despised by the world.


In its most painful and immediate form, God will allow the enemies of we the people to have power to kill us above and beyond the killing power of entropy; and above and beyond the horrible killing power that has been unleashed and running rampant in this nation for three decades.In this form of virulence, we the people will see the plagues of Egypt descend on this nation--drought, famine and flood; we will see the fires of heaven descend, lighting up the land around us like a return of the time of volcanoes, the time of earthquakes, the time of comets, meteors and raining fire from heaven: the time of Hiroshima, Georgia and Nagasaki, Ohio.The end time.


Either that or the God of the Bible is not out there.


If you actually believe the Being revealed in the Holy Bible is out there, you will at the very least, like me, be very sad about the fate soon to befall we the people of the United States of America.


There is something we can still do to allay Godís wrath.


I learned a long time ago that people donít really listen to answers until they are the one who asks the question.If anybody wants to know what we can do to allay the coming wrath of God, ask me and Iíll tell you.


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