The image on that shirt is one that resonates today in the minds of virtually everyone in the USA who has taken a side in the abortion war in this nation today.It is an important, perhaps even an historic, image.One day in the not too distant future the Supreme Court of the USA will most likely bring under review the lawsuit that brought the Nuremberg Files Web site into the public consciousness (Planned Parenthood v. ACLA) and make a decision that could change the meaning of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.That image will be forever indelibly connected to those events.


As an explanatory symbol, the image has few peers.Obtain it today by sending a check to Pathway Communications, PO Box 1081, Carrollton, Ga, 30116 or make a non-tax deductible contribution of at least $25 to Neal Horsley using this convenient and secure PayPal credit card payment.



The following two shirts are composed using a graphic that Bob Lokey painted in 1973, the year of Roe v. Wade.Lokey was a convicted murderer in San Quentin Penitentiary in California at the time they were painted.


Since becoming a Christian, Lokey and his painting have been used by the Lord Jesus Christ to show many people that the government of the United States of America that legalized the slaughter of Godís children also legalized the slaughter of Jesus Christ Himself in this nation.







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