Own A Print Of this painting! It speaks volumes.

The original of the painting shown here is in oil on canvas and the canvas is well over 18 X 24 inches in size.   The size of the image when it is framed will be approximately 15 X 20 inches.

The reason the painting is being sold is to provide Clay Waagner's family with food and housing so there is no reason not to support the auction and every reason to do so.  The family stands in need of much help because most of the businesses and institutions in this nation are doing everything they can do to punish the family in lieu of Clay.                                               

Take one example.  Clay Waagner's family started off offering to auction the original of the full sized oil painting shown above on Ebay.   As soon as Ebay realized it was Waagner's painting, they shut down the auction, treating Waagner's self-portrait like contraband drugs or stolen property.  Ebay's action spotlights the chilling effect the Supreme Court's tyrannical destruction of Constitutional free speech is already having.  Furthermore, it proves the need for people to resist the effects of those tyrannical Supreme Court rulings.

You can either bid on the original oil painting that will be sold at auction on August 7, 2003 or you can purchase a full size full color print of the original.  The prints sell for $49 and are great for framing and are available immediately.

To bid on the original, submit your bid via email to me, Neal Horsley.  I will post a running account of the high bid from day to day.  Only bids that are considered to be serious offers will be posted. 

To order the print, send either well hidden cash, check or money order to:

C. Phillips
PO Box 4925
Greenwich, CT 06831

Clay signed the original and on the back wrote these words:

While an FBI Most Wanted Fugitive, I made my most effective attack on the abortion industry.

In October of 2001 I mailed fake anthrax to 500 abortion clinics.  In November of 2001 I Federal Expressed another 300 fake anthrax letters.  The white powder I used was harmless, but tested positive for anthrax.

Most of the 580 abortion clinics I closed in 2001 remained closed for a week, resulting in 3,940 clinic closure days, and the disruption of nearly 20,000 scheduled abortions.  According to abortion clinic numbers, 5,000 or more babies are alive today because of my act of "Domestic Terrorism."

I will spend the rest of my life in a federal prison.  It seems a small price to pay.

                                                           Clayton Lee Waagner  
                                                           February 2003     

Only the original is signed and contains the personal message from Clay.  The prints are not signed because once the original left the prision Clay Waagner has nothing whatsoever to with this sales process.  The net proceeds of the sale of these items will go to Clay's wife, Mary.

For those of you who are beset by the spirit of fear (and who among us is exempt!) it must be said that there is no legal risk in owning an image like this even if that same image might be used to prosecute or persecute its creator.  With the exception of child pornography, no image has been pre-defined by the courts as illegal for a citizen of the USA to own.  In any case, these matters will be treated as confidential.

So please defend the Constitution and support the Waagner family today!  And as you do so, realize that what you are doing here extends well beyond the purchase of an excellent oil painting or print.  Without risking anything other than dollars, you take a stand against the federal court's destruction of the US Constitution.  It is hard to image a situation where you can do more with such a small investment!

  • Clay's family reserves the right to make prints from the painting

  • The self-portrait is also the front cover of Clay's book entitled Fighting the American Holocaust that is soon to be published. Order information for the book will be posted as soon as it is available.

    Neal Horsley

    These are the Articles I wrote after Clay came to my house during the period he was being chased by the FBI to stop him from assassinating abortionists and other abortion industry workers

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