Gay Rights Parade In Canada Led By Anti-Sodomite Marcher



Bill Whatcott (the Marcher)


   (Special To Christian Gallery News Service, June 26, 2002) On June 22, 2002, Bill Whatcott, a Christian Activist from Regina, Canada, interjected himself at the front of the local "Gay Pride" March.  The following pictures show what it looked like.  Bill Whatcott provides the following narration of his part in the "parade."


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This is a picture of me leading the Regina sodomite parade this past Saturday. Looking back at it, I can only conclude that the Holy Spirit has supernaturally protected me as I walked into the front of the parade and lead them to the legislature. The parade went into instant chaos and the police were taken quite by surprise when I started leading the parade.


Sign Reads, "Bare Bottomed Pitifuls are Celebrating Buggery in Regina.  God Help Us!"

    Sodomites started chanting, "Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Homophobia has to go!!!"  I started preaching as we marched down Albert St, "Repent in the name of Jesus Christ!!!" One large sodomite on roller blades tried to knock me out of the parade with a hip check. When he ran into me, he lost balance and went flying into the air and then landed on his back. I kept marching down the street, preaching the prophetic word of God against sodomy. Many of the spectators were sodomites and their allies. They started throwing various objects at me and screaming at the police to arrest me.


 The police seemed to be divided. One wanted to arrest me and the other thought arresting me would provide me with too much media coverage. One lady officer seemed to think it was ok to have a protester leading 150 marching sodomites with a sign that read "Bare Bottomed Pitifuls are celebrating Buggery in Regina! God Help Us!"

    As I got to the entrance of the legislature one sodomite tried to put his arms around me and push me out of the parade, I stayed the course and then he let go as a bunch of sodomites and lesbians surrounded me and started blasting me with whistles. I lead the crowd to the steps of the legislature and then marched up the stairs and preached to the crowd that they had to repent of their sodomy and turn to Christ or else they would spend the rest of eternity in Hell. The Holy Spirit then prompted me that I pushed my luck quite enough and that it would be a good idea if I left before I got torn apart by some visibly upset swearing sodomites.

    As I marched down the steps, the members of my union, "Canadian Union of Public Employees," [Whatcott is a licensed nurse, editor] started screaming at me that I was a traitor to my brotherhood. The anger of the Lord burned within me as I listened to their rubbish and I blasted them back for wasting my union dues on such a celebration of filth, dangerous sex and perversion. Some little 14 and 15-year-old whores in cat costumes then surrounded me and started a sexual dance in front and around me. I felt bad for them as I could see that the public school indoctrinated them well.


     As I got to Albert St, one transvestite and about five sodomites chased me down. I expected to get assaulted at this point so I stood still and started preaching the word of God to them as they surrounded me. They never touched me. Rather they just mocked me and called me names. The transvestite mocked my cameraman some and a couple of sodomites started groping each other's genitals in front of me in an attempt to elicit my reaction. Attached are three more still photos of the parade. My camera man is creating copies of all the action I described. A large New York City television program, "The Daily Show" wants the coverage of me leading the sodomite parade. The New York television station plans on covering our Heterosexual Family parade as well. Neal Horsley plans on putting my march in the sodomite parade on his website; I will give you the URL when it is on there and running.

[, editor].

    John Gormley on 650 NTR and 980 CJME [local radio stations, editor] will be interviewing me this Friday at 8:30 AM. Please pray that I give a Biblical and well-reasoned defense for our Heterosexual Family Parade and what we do in general, as plenty of angry sodomites and their allies will probably be calling in.


     On Thursday, June 27th, the Rev. Ken Campbell and one of his sidekicks will be arriving in Saskatchewan to participate in our parade and Operation Expose Abortion tour. On Friday both him and I will be going to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission to lodge a complaint against the City of Regina for discriminating against us on the basis of our sexual orientation and religion by denying our Heterosexual Family Pride proclamation.

    In the battle against Saskatchewan Health, there may have been some breakthrough with my Star Phoenix ad. [Whatcott took out a full page ad in his local paper which cost $1100.  The ad was protesting Whatcott being banished, because of run-ins with the law decades ago before he began to follow Jesus Christ, from working in the nursing home licensed in a property he and his wife own, editor]


    I have received support from one church minister and a couple of pro life and pro family groups that don't normally support my tactics. They read my ad and were appalled at what's happening. I think their members will be sending calls to Hon. John Nilson's office on my behalf. If you would like to call and demand that this insane order banishing me to my basement be lifted, please call 306-787-7345. You can also phone our opposition party. They are supposed to be for smaller and more accountable government: Hon. Elwin Hermanson: 306-882-1350.

    My wife has now been confined to our care home for almost two full weeks. I am getting tempted to break the order and start helping my wife out on the main floor and launch demonstrations in front of Saskatchewan Health when they take our clients away from us. Please pray for God's grace and wisdom as I try to think through our next strategy in dealing with these communists

    Thank you, for those of you who helped us out with this ad. I forgot to give you our new address on my last appeal: It is Hebron Personal Care Home, 420 Halifax St. Regina, SK, S4R-1T3. Thank you for those of you who rebuked me and prayed for me for fighting with my wife. Now that our boxes are unpacked the stress seems to have decreased. Even though we don't have money for staff, one Christian sister has been helping Elizabeth upstairs during her spare time. I also needed to see that I shouldn't blow up at Elizabeth when she snapped at me. Being confined to a house for forteen days solid, working morning to night isn't easy. Plus dealing with multiple lawsuits and "human rights?" charges.

    Regina Planned Parenthood served me with lawsuit papers today [Whatcott is being sued by the local Planned Parenthood for picketing their offices and saying factually accurate things about them, editor]. The New York Daily Show seems interested in this too. I may resume pickets there when the tv crew arrives. Reading their statement of claim and their request for a three block injunction plus damages for slander, confirm to me why these baby killers need to be picketed frequently. Please pray that the Lord helps me as I mount my legal defense and street attack against them...........

Sincerely Bill Whatcott
Christian Truth Activists/ Saskatchewan Christians United


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