PayPal Shutters Christian Gallery Shop:

Meet the Wigger!



Neal Horsley


Jim Crow Returns?



(Christian Gallery News Service, August 20, 2002)At first glance, this story might appear to be an isolated incident significant only to its writer.But if you will examine the meaning of the story, you will find it is a harbinger of very dangerous things to come for any person who actually tries to obey the instructions provided in Holy Scripture by the Holy Spirit of God.And furthermore, if you donít know what the word ďWiggerĒ means today, unless we wake up and do something in our own defense, we might all one day look around and know full well what it means to be the Wigger.


I received this note from PayPal:

Dear Neal Horsley,


PayPal Shops contains a diverse group of online stores

that accept PayPal as a method of payment.Because

laws vary from country to country and from state to state,

we must consider the legality of the items or services

you are selling both in your locality and in that of

your customers.What is legal in one country or state

may not be in another.


Your website has been removed from PayPal Shops

because it is not consistent with the policies outlined

in either the User Agreement or the PayPal Shops

Allowable Goods and Services Guidebook.Please review

the User Agreement and the PayPal Shops Allowable Goods

and Services Guidebook before attempting to register

another PayPal Shop.If you register a website that is

disapproved from entry into PayPal Shops or your website

must be removed from PayPal Shops due to a policy violation,

your account will be permanently prohibited from registering

a PayPal Shop on the third such occasion.


We understand that many of our merchants sell a diverse

array of products, and that you might own another online

store that may be eligible for PayPal Shops.Please

remember that registrations for PayPal Shops are evaluated

individually, and that you may attempt register another

PayPal Shop with us if you feel it is acceptable

under the PayPal Shop policies.




PayPal Shops Support Team


The letter makes only one thing clear: Whatever I did that disqualifies me to do business with PayPal is something that PayPal has no obligation to define for me.The PayPal police clearly implied, ďItís none of your business which rule you broke.You must leave the premises immediately.ĒBut notice one other thing that the letter clearly states: if I donít change whatever it is that caused PayPal to refuse to do business with me, I will eventually be deprived of the opportunity to do business with PayPal forever.


Talk about classical conditioning!Beat them with one hand while holding out a reward in the other if theyíll just change their ways.


But what is it that they want me to change?Not a word is available in PayPalís cryptic message to guide me to what I must change if Iím going to become acceptable to PayPal.


While PayPal would not tell me exactly what I did that disqualified me, a quick search on some of the shops that PayPal does allow in their business empire demonstrates that PayPal is, shall we say, tolerant in their relationships with most other businesses.


Would it surprise you to know that PayPal has no problem hosting businesses that cater exclusively to homosexuals and other anti-Christian, pro-abortion users of Internet services?†† What about people who make a living selling pornography?I am in the process of verifying it, but I have received reports that PayPal even hosts pornographers in their business environment.





Let me explain that header.Only non-apostate Christians need be concerned about this present story because apostate Christians will, by definition, never offend sinful idolaters, never cause them to feel threatened by the God revealed in Holy Scripture.Apostate Christians have nothing whatsoever to fear from this world.In fact, such Christians can expect to be rewarded by this world.There is a biblical example designed to help us understand exactly how such apostate Christians are rewarded with much money for their services to this world.The example has a name.Judus Iscariot is the name worn by the apostate Christian.


But non-apostate Christians must be concerned about what PayPal is doing to me because PayPal is huge and getting huger.Critical mass was reached when EBay recently purchased PayPal thereby allowing all the millions of Internet auction transactions to be funneled into the already huge PayPal online banking infrastructure.What PayPal decides to do as a matter of policy has enormous consequences for Internet users because PayPal is well on the way to creating a

de facto online banking monopoly.Because of that great power, if it could be seen that PayPal has become the functional equivalent of a Jim Crow racist Southern Shop Owner who refused service as a matter of policy to people because of the color of their skin, every Internet user would have reason to sit up and take notice.But of course PayPal is not refusing service to people based on the color of their skin, they are refusing service based on their religious beliefs.Based on what PayPal did to me, evidence exists to prove that PayPal has created a policy to refuse service to either Christians or Christian Abortion Abolitionists, or both.


There once was a word for the category of American citizens who were refused service because they were perceived to be second class citizens unworthy of the reasonable service every other American citizen expected as a matter of common courtesy and Constitutional Right.The word proved to be a handy verbal device to describe people who had no right to expect either common courtesy or Constitutional Rights in the USA.Today that word is simply never used by Caucasian American citizens unless they want to seen to be a racist.I am no racist but the treatment I have been receiving from the Internet businesses that provide goods and services to everyone on the Internet has driven me to try to find an alternative noun that would allow people to understand what has been happening to me and how I am being treated.I have found the word: I am a Wigger.


What is a Wigger?Look at Neal Horsley and you will see.I am a Wigger because I know exactly what it feels like to be refused service when no law has been broken, no evidence of a crime or misdemeanor can be presented, but only the pure raw political hatred of the shop owner shuts the door of the business establishment.For over three years, I have had to fight tooth and nail to try to utilize the Internet. I have been refused service by over fifty Internet Service Providers whose only reason for refusal tracked to their private interpretation of what constitutes offensive language and offensive message content.That might not seem like such a big deal to you, but it is a big deal to me because I am an Internet Web developer by profession.It is no exaggeration whatsoever when I say I require Internet access and services to keep from living on the street and eating out of garbage cans. It was precisely to avoid such arbitrary and capricious censorship that the freedom of speech protection was demanded in the Constitution of the United States of America before it would be ratified by the thirteen original States.


I must resist such rank and unconstitutional injustice. When Christians begin to be treated like a Wigger on the Internet simply for doing what Holy Scripture commands Christians to do, it becomes literally a matter worthy of resistance or we are doomed to enter into a new period of Jim Crow prejudice and de facto segregation, except this time it will be Christians who face it, regardless of the color of their skin.


Thatís the way it is with the Wigger: there is no illusion that a corrective solution exists.The defect that makes a person a Wigger is so grave, so unchangeableólike the color of a personís skinóthat literally nothing can change the conditions leading the merchant to refuse service. Either the merchant is forced to do business with the Wigger or the Wigger ends up sleeping in the street or in the car, or in the case of Jesus Christ, one of the earliest known Wiggers, in a manger in a stable.


If they will do this to me, the best known Christian Abortion Abolitionist on the Internet today, I will not be the last one who learns what it means to be a Wigger.

You might not think it matters to you what they are doing to me, but it does.Just as the legalized butchering of unborn babies will not stop with the babies; neither will this refusal of services and access to business necessities stop with this particular Wigger.Unless we stand up and assert our God endowed Rights, and do it soon, every Christian who has the audacity to criticize the growing evil in this nation will find that they too have become the Wigger.If youíre a non-apostate Christian, take it from one Wigger to another: donít say I didnít warn you.


*****As the letter they sent us shows, thereis no way at present to know with certainty what motivated PayPal to refuse to do business with the Christian Gallery.†† This link takes you to the most likely candidate for the product that PayPal determined to be illegal.


Neal Horsley, Christian Gallery News Service, August 19, 2002


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