Stop Legalized Abortion:

Have you been praying for a way to end legalized abortion that won't hurtanybody (except of course the nearly 4,000 babies who will be slaughtered each day untillegalized abortion is stopped)? Well, your prayers have been answered! The following plancan end legalized abortion and it doesn't endanger anyone, doesn't break any laws, anddoesn't violate any municipal ordinances.


Nobody has organized a strategy to end legalized abortion--

Until now.

The photographs of babies slaughtered in legalized abortion have thepower to force Americans

to outlaw abortion.


Imagine mom and dad Middle America riding through town with their kids in the car.Suddenly their nine year old says, "Daddy, look at that billboard.

Why is that dead baby up there?"

This is an actual 20'tall sign recently erected by a man in Alabama who decided to obey Proverbs 31:8.

This is a closeup of the baby's picture on the sign

Here's why the Proverbs 31:8 Project can change this nation: Confronting confused orapostate people with the images created by the Abortion War actually changes their minds!

We have shown these images to thousands millions of people for over seven years on theInternet. Thousands of people have written us saying they actually understood legalized abortionfor the first time when they saw the dead babies. But conclusive proof that the images canwin the Abortion War is seen in the ferocity with which media outlets fight those who tryto show the American people what legalized abortion actually looks like. Because of theeffective lockout imposed by the media in this nation over the past three decades,defenders of the children have been relegated to showing the images of the dead babiesoutside baby-butcher shops or on city streets or outside schools. But where ever andwhenever the images have been shown,the result has always been the same: people confrontedwith the actual images of the slaughtered babies are changed by the experience.

Few will argue that nationally broadcast images of the Vietnam War played a pivotal ifnot decisive role in ending the Vietnam War. So too can the images of the Abortion War endthis heinous undeclared war.


The strategy is simple: All we need are the resources necessary to buy broadcast timeon television, or advertising space in magazines, or billboard space on highwaybillboards. With your support, we can plaster the images of slaughtered God's childrenacross every brain in the USA. Even though the costs of such a strategy are large, thereare millions of people here who claim they want to see the Abortion War stopped. If eachof those people contributed ten dollars, the Abortion War COULD BE OVER in a FEWSHORT YEARS.


To prove that the strategy will work, one city will be targeted as the model forchanging the nation.

As the people of the nation are exposed to the effects created when that single,large metropolitan area undergoes a massive bombardment consisting of pictures of deadbabies, the American people will see for themselves what will be coming to their citysoon. The focusing of all initial energy and resources on one city allows for the creationof a powerful explanatory symbol that will go before us into the nation, an explanatorysymbol with the power to prove the effectiveness of the proposed strategy.

Atlanta, Georgia is a perfect initial target. It is the fourth largest media market inthe nation, but because of the presence of the Turner Media Empire, Atlanta operates ineffect as a national media outlet. The Atlanta media market covers a huge geographicalarea that encompasses both the culturally diverse city of Atlanta proper and hundreds ofoutlying enclaves of new and old South communities. Furthermore, the Atlanta mediamarket is a study in contrasts that mirrors in many respects the moral schizophreniarepresented in the nation at large. Atlanta is the buckle of the Bible belt, but sadexperiences over the past twenty years have proven that the "Christian" majorityof Georgia will do just about anything to avoid having to see the truth about legalizedabortion. For instance, when Operation Rescue visited the city a few years back, there wasa thunderous silence from the "Christian" culture of Georgia. When the abortionprotesters were thrown in jail by the hundreds, the Body of Christ in Georgia exhibitednary a twitch, as they say down South.


The national news media has failed abysmally to show the American people the truth,that legalized abortion is about God's children being slaughtered!

There is one huge difference between the Vietnam War and the Abortion War. InVietnam, we had hundreds of highly paid reporters scurrying everywhere to get goodpictures of the battlefield casualties. Today those same reporters are doing everything intheir power to keep the images of the Abortion War out of the minds of the Americanpeople. Twenty five years of media and government imposed blackout proves the forcesbehind the Abortion War are committed to doing everything in their power to prevent theAmerican people from seeing the actual images being created by the Abortion War.

But it is an absolutely undeniable fact of God that they cannot stop us from showingthose pictures to this nation if we have sufficient financial resources. Youknow the drill well. For every television station that refuses to broadcast the gruesomeevidence of the Abortion War against God's children, there will be at least one that willhave the desire to help or will need the cash flow enough to provide us the airtime. Samefor magazines, billboards, etc. By hook or by crook, enough media outlets will be found sothose images of the slaughtered children will be broadcast in every media market in theUnited States of America. In spite of everything this world can do to stop the images frombeing seen, with enough money donated by you, God will make sure there is a way for theimages to be broadcast.

We can end the Abortion War if we ram the images of the babies being slaughtered intothe minds of every citizen in this nation. Ram those images into their minds until thevast majority is ready to vomit out legalized abortion like Caesar vomited out the ancientchurch when he was moved to repentance by images of countless, unremitting, endlesscarcasses of God's children. God knows there is no shortage of dead babies to photographin this nation today or tomorrow or the next day until the legalized abortion is arrested.

Won't you please help us stop the Abortion War?

Everypenny you donate will be accounted for using the accounting practices authorized by theministries demonstrating the highest standards of financial accountability and will be available for public scrutiny.Because your donation will be used in such an unusual project, it is highly unlikely thatthe government will allow you to use it as a tax deduction. But because of the love Godhas for His slaughtered children, we have no doubt that the Living God will use receiveyour donation as a sweet smelling savor arising to His nostrils and will bless youaccordingly.

You can mail us your donation at Pathway Communications, PO Box 1081,Carrollton, Ga 30117, or call 770 838 5940 if you are the serious benefactor described below.

Initially, we need a serious benefactor willing to blow the lid off the cover up of theAbortion War. It is unrealistic to expect us to reach the large number of individualdonors whose relatively small contributions can mount up rapidly unless we have enoughfinancial resources to reach the staging area. Honestly, right now we lack sufficient resources to implement the project successfully. But we do have a visionfrom the Lord (...without a vision, the people perish...) and the faith and knowledge that He has people out there with financialresources sufficient to get this vision to the staging area. If you are that person orpersons, I give you my word of honor that every penny donated will be used for theexpenses necessary for the effective implementation of this project.

If you cannot afford to finance a large portion of the project, please give what youcan afford. Until sufficient funds are collected to finance the first billboards andtelevision ads, all funds donated will be receipted and if for any reason the projectfails to materialize, the money donated will be returned to the donors.

P.S. If you call yourself a Christian and are unwilling to support this or anyproject like it designed to stop the slaughter of God's children, somebody needs to tell you thatyou blaspheme the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and are a carnal, fleshly, devilishimpostor utterly deceived by Satan himself into believing you deserve the right to claimthe benefits that come to a Christian when you live your life as an unrepentantcollaborator of those who murder God's children. There. You've been warned. If you don'tbelieve what I've just said, go read Proverbs 31:8.

Neal Horsley, Founder, The Creator's Rights Party

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