Kopp said he knew nothing about [Abortionist] Slepian when he began scouting locations here sometime in 1997...  "I got his name from the Yellow Pages," Kopp said of Slepian. "No one in the pro-life community handed me a dossier on Dr. Slepian. That would have made my job easier."

Now that Jim Kopp has revealed he got the information he used to kill Abortion Barnett Slepian from the Yellow Pages, will all the abortion agencies and all the news organizations apologize to me for spending years doing everything in their power to convince everyone in the nation that my Web site, the Nuremberg Files, was a hit list responsible for the death of Abortionist Slepian?

Click Picture to see CNN News Clip of Feldt's Press Conference

Gloria Feldt, Presidentress of Planned Parenthood holding print out of the Nuremberg Files Web site at a press conference in NYC the day after Abortionist Slepian was killed. She said his name had been on the Nuremberg Files list (it had not). Furthermore, she said his name had "already been crossed out" implying that the owner of the Nuremberg Files Web site (me) knew that Slepian was going to be killed before the news was released to the general public. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Feldt and Planned Parenthood are liable for defamation if it can be proven she created that implication.


But this is not just about the Nuremberg Files Web site: it's also about the fact that Planned Parenthood used the tornado of publicity created in the aftermath of Abortionist Slepian's death to poison a jury in Oregon. Will Planned Parenthood return the $107 million dollar judgment they received because they convinced a jury that the Nuremberg Files or some posters handed out at protests were the source of the information leading to the deaths of abortionists?

DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH WAITING! Enough people have died needlessly already!

I remember well the tornado of accusations fired at me the day after Abortionist Slepian was killed.  Well do I remember the day shortly thereafter when I opened an envelope and encountered the words "You have just been exposed to Anthrax."  Well do I remember the tense hours waiting as the hazardous materials unit decontaminated me at the local hospital.  Well do I remember the hundreds of death threats and screams of demons that came through emails and my telephone receiver. Well do I remember my seventeen year old daughter walking in the door and saying, "Dad, a girl stood up in the lunchroom at school and announced that she knew someone who was going to blow up our house." Well do I remember the haunted look on my daughter's face as she recounted her story to the anti-terrorism task force and the local police. Well do I remember the trial in Oregon that culminated in over a dozen of the most dedicated servants the Lord Jesus Christ has in the USA being bankrupt and pilloried before an uncaring nation and an uncaring Church. The events set in motion in the aftermath of Slepian's death continue with me being fired because the company I worked for was threatened with losing millions of dollars in business and with Kansas Baptist Church, the church were I am a member, voting to put me out of the church because they wanted "to distance" themselves from people "who quote don't like Neal Horsley". (Click to hear Pastor explain why Church voted to withdraw fellowship from me. If you don't have RealMedia, click Here For A Different Format)

But now, as the Lord Jesus Christ told us, the hidden things are beginning to be revealed.

What will Planned Parenthood do? What will the courts do? What will those who claim to be saved by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ from the controlling power of Satan who uses the fear of death to keep the whole world in bondage do? If the past is a guide to the future, they will look for another way to take the eyes of the American people off the fact that today, and tomorrow and every day that follows until legalized abortion is abolished four thousand tiny people created in the image of the One, True God will be exterminated like noxious parasites or severed like painful hemerroids from the bodies of their mothers.

Neal Horsley, 11/21/2002

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